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At SpeakWrite, our mission is to introduce the world to a new and better way to create documents – and to give every one of our clients more time.

Time to accomplish more in their chosen field, time to realize more of their potential, time to do anything and everything …else.

SpeakWrite helps companies, institutions, organizations and individuals discover remarkable increases in productivity. We focus our service in areas where thorough, accurate and timely documentation impacts people in a significant way – like in legal, law enforcement, protective services and government agencies.

Since 1997, SpeakWrite has given back millions of hours to people so they can accomplish …more.

Our story

Successful Attorney, Eagle Scout, and Serial Over-Achiever, Richard Jackson spent almost 30 years as a commercial litigator and built a successful law practice of over 50 people. He experienced first-hand the challenges of producing essential, but time-consuming legal documents. In spite of modern advances, people in document-intensive professions were still losing countless hours and money to the task of low-value typing.

In an ideal world, his law firm needed instant, unlimited access to typist capacity 24/7/365. It needed a typist pool that could scale to handle any workload. And it needed legal documents that could be delivered faster, and cheaper, than typing them in-house.

Finding a way to merge this labor intensive, people-powered activity with the speed, access and availability of the internet – drove Richard to leave his law practice in 1997, and start SpeakWrite. He created a concept that would leave ‘old school’ transcription and voice recognition in the dust.

SpeakWrite is a revolutionary technology platform. Yet it is built on the fact that nothing is more accurate at putting the spoken word to paper… than another human being. It is rich in custom features found nowhere else. It delivers documents with unmatched speed, accuracy and security. It makes people and organizations more productive and profitable then ever before. It is simply a new and better way to create documents.


Richard Jackson

Chairman, Founder

Richard is a native Texan, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Baylor Law School and former Editor in Chief of the Baylor Law Review. He managed to keep his entrepreneurial urges in check through almost 30 years of commercial litigation practice in Dallas. Then in 1997, they broke loose and he founded SpeakWrite. He has served as President and CEO of SpeakWrite since its creation and will probably do so until they bar him from his office. Turns out, this is what he was meant to do.

Beside a serious love of business and entrepreneurial pursuits, Richard and his wife Paula are happily involved in the lives of their three children and two grandchildren. They divide their time between their home in Austin and their mountain house near Whitefish Montana.

Craig Johnston


With a BSME and subsequent training in operations and project management, Craig has enjoyed a career that has spanned continents, technologies, people groups, and a variety of operational situations and challenges. Working with companies ranging from IBM and Bell Labs to smaller entrepreneurial start-ups in both technology and service, he enjoys working with people and helping to develop world class organizations built on open and honest communications and commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to our partners and clients. When not looking at ways to improve efficiency or process effectiveness, or design some new electronic device, Craig is working on perfecting his rowing as he spends his spare time competing in national rowing regattas. You’d have to wake up mighty early to catch him sitting still!

Jason Gray

VP, Technology

Jason has spent most of his life in the Austin area, graduating from the University of Texas with a BS in Computer Science. A professional software developer since 2004, he has worked in software companies specializing in subjects including photography, biometrics, military intelligence, and healthcare. He rose through the ranks from Jr. Developer through Software Architect and is now VP of Technology at SpeakWrite since 2013. His time outside of work is spent mostly enjoying his family, building electronics projects, or making sawdust in the woodshop.

Justin Ruiz

VP, Business Development

Justin is a native Texan, raised in Austin and graduated up to Dallas. A recovering Architect, he practiced throughout Texas and in the great Northwest. He was the youngest LEED certified Architect based in Houston, before ‘Green’ was cool. He applied this as the project Architect for the Houston Light Rail, one of the largest rail projects in the country.

in 2005, Justin joined the SpeakWrite leadership team and heads up the Business Development efforts; including Sales and Account Management. He thrives on the interaction with new and existing clients and the problem solving aspect of what SpeakWrite provides for those organizations. Free time is spent with his 9 year old son and his adventures in Scouts, soccer and various day dreaming efforts. Otherwise, he’s behind the camera or in the dark room consumed with his photography pursuits.


Trade associations

  • IACP 2016

    2016 IACP 123rd Annual Conference
    October 15-18th, San Diego, CA


    ASCIA Fall Conference
    October 13-15th

  • FBINAA-CA Chapter

    FBINAA CA Chapter
    September 6-8th

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