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Have your digital evidence transcribed by live typists 24/7

Your department collects hundreds of hours of evidence footage each week, but what happens when you need that evidence transcribed for a case? SpeakWrite allows Axon Evidence.com users to order complete ‘court ready’ transcripts of their digital evidence, with just a few clicks. ​

What is SpeakWrite Transcription?

Axon has been your eyes in the field, allowing you to record all important events…. Let SpeakWrite turn that digital evidence into verbatim court-ready transcripts, in just a matter of hours. We have hundreds of trained and qualified, live typists who listen to your entire recording and transcribe every word.

SpeakWrite transcription uses live typists to produce complete transcripts of your audio and video evidence. Unlike voice recognition which analyzes sound patterns and then applies algorithms to find the most probably fit- We have actual people who listen to the entire recording and transcribe every word. When you need an accurate, verbatim transcript of recorded events, nothing comes close to the quality of a live, human-powered transcription by SpeakWrite.

We also offer transcription and translation of Spanish audio and video as well.


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Murietta PD

What does it cost?


$ 3 per minute

SpeakWrite’s pricing model is simple – There are no upfront costs or minimum usage fees, you simply pay for transcription by the minute. We are already fully integrated into your Evidence.com account.

Your department will receive an invoice for any work submitted to SpeakWrite for transcription.


$ 9 per audio minute
  • Audio of 2 or More Speakers

If your evidence is in Spanish, or a mix of Spanish and English, just click the ‘Spanish translation” box when submitting your audio for transcription. You will receive the complete transcript in Spanish as well as the English translation. Translation work is charged at $9/audio minute and will be returned in 10 business days.

How do I set it up?


  1. Just click the “ADMIN” tab in Evidence.com and go to “Transcription”
  2. Click “BEGIN SETUP” and follow the instructions provided

Not an authorized ADMIN on your account?

If you are not the authorized admin on the account, but would like to send your supervisor a request to activate this feature, click the button below:

How do I use it?

1. Select and item in Evidence.com and click “order transcript”

2. Your work is securely routed to our network of vetted U.S. and Canadian based typists

3. Your transcribed evidence will appear back in your Evidence.com file within 24 hours

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Every facet of data transfer and storage stays housed right here in the US, in state-of-the-art data centers within the Microsoft Azure a Cloud.

About SpeakWrite

Since 1997, SpeakWrite has led the industry as the fastest and most cost- effective way to produce secure documentation. For 20 years we have served across legal, protective service and government agencies. And after 10 years of serving law enforcement, we have partnered with Axon to assist with documentation of critical data via the Axon Evidence.com platform.

Our limitless typist network can handle any volume of work, faster and more cost effectively than in-house personnel, delivering digital evidence documentation in just a few clicks. We’re available 24/7/365 to transcribe your files with simple, pay-as-you-go, per-minute pricing.

Departments nationwide have entrusted their digital evidence management to SpeakWrite and have experienced remarkable increases in productivity thanks to our unmatched speed, accuracy, and security. SpeakWrite has helped police agencies of all sizes, so we understand the critical security required due to the nature of your work. That’s why year after year, police agencies nationwide come to us to handle their work, making them more productive and cost efficient than ever before.

Click here to learn about SpeakWrite direct services for Patrol, CID, and Internal Affairs

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We appreciate for your interest in SpeakWrite’s
unparalleled transcription service that will help you save time and money! 
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