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2020 CHIA Conference
February 25-28, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada

Paul Aleman

Law Enforcement Sales | Texas Law Enforcement Veteran

SpeakWrite Law Enforcement Transcription as a Force Multiplier – Allowing you to do More with Less

SpeakWrite helps law enforcement agencies to run more efficiently and cost effectively. With SpeakWrite law enforcement transcription, overtime can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Officers and Investigators have more time for street patrol and crime investigation.

Why SpeakWrite:

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As Featured in:

“In two weeks, 562 hours of report writing dropped to 83 hours, and 113 hours of overtime specific to report writing dropped to eight hours.”

– ChulaVista Police Department

Paul Aleman's Law Enforcement Journey

My career in law enforcement started in Cuero, Texas as a patrolman and working my way up to Sergeant. My career path then took me to work for a Sexual Assault Crisis Center as an awareness advocate educating the communities on the dangers of sexual predators. After graduating from the University of Houston-Victoria, I took a position with the Texas Attorney General’s office. While working as a Sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Division Cyber Crimes Unit I had many achievements that I was proud of but the most important was the location and recovery of one special child.

Over 4600 law enforcement training hours:

  • Crisis Intervention Training
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Special Investigations/Cyber Crimes
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Advanced Human Trafficking
  • Missing/Endangered Children
  • Tactical Firearms Training


  • 100% conviction rate on all child pornography and child solicitation case.
  • Assisted FBI and Texas Rangers on complex computer crimes and child abduction cases.
  • Conducted over 500 presentations and trainings to Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies.
  • Assisted many agencies and non-profit organizations with building curriculum for the education of law enforcement and communities in Texas.
  • One of the Founders of the Houston Metro ICAC which started out with a few Investigators and is now one of the most productive Child Exploitation Units in the United States. 

How to Mail Your Recorded Tapes

Many clients have recorded mini or standard cassette tapes to submit to us for transcription, but would rather not use their staff and resources to input these tapes into our system. In these instances, you can have these recorded cassettes delivered to us, and we will upload them into our system for transcription for you. To use this method of submission, you must have an existing SpeakWrite account. Send recorded tapes via overnight courier or USPS to the following address:

SpeakWrite Tape Processing Center
6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy
Building 1, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78730

(800) 828-3889
Attn: Production Manager

With each delivery, you must print out a Recorded Tape Transmittal Sheet and enclose it with the tapes to be transcribed. Your package must include properly addressed and pre-paid packaging and label for the return of your tapes, using a service that provides for delivery tracking. If this is not included, we will return your tapes to you and charge your account a $10.00 delivery fee. Immediately upon our receipt of your tapes, we will input them into the SpeakWrite system for transcription. You will receive the transcription of the taped material via the email address on your account, just as any other SpeakWrite job. Your tapes will be returned to you via the delivery method you designate 48 hours after the completion of your transcript. All work transcribed will be charged at the standard, per word rate. There is no additional charge for handling or inputting the tapes. Be sure to erase all previously recorded tapes completely before recording any new dictation in order to avoid having old work transcribed by mistake or jeopardizing the quality of the newly recorded material.


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