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SpeakWrite helps CAT Adjusters, whether captive with a carrier or independent 3rd party, to run more efficiently and cost-effectively by providing them access to our unlimited pool of typists 24/7/365. Just submit your audio detailing your claims, and your transcribed report is returned to your email in about three hours. You can even include photos in your transcribed report resulting in more complete and accurate documentation.

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SpeakWrite helps Insurance Adjusters work more efficiently and cost-effectively.


When disaster strikes, your customers and your insurance companies expect immediate action. Documenting the damages and claims from the field can often take days, even weeks, causing delays in claim processing.


With SpeakWrite, you have access to an unlimited supply of training and qualified human typists, 24/7/365. Your claims are delivered in hours allowing adjusters to stay focused on their customers and processing claims. By reducing the time it takes to create your reports you can process more claims in a week. Instead of processing 4-7 claims per week, you could process 8-12, by cutting the time it takes to document your reports.

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