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Your reports delivered accurately and securely – in about 3 hours

SpeakWrite Law Enforcement Transcription – faster, easier and more cost effective than any other method

When you partner with SpeakWrite, you gain access to a unique, human-powered transcription platform. You’ll leverage leading technology that dynamically manages the flow of work through our secure network of US-based typists and back to you. You’ll have an army of professional typists working round-the-clock, 365 days a year – delivering your critical reports with unmatched speed – in about 3 hours.

SpeakWrite Law Enforcement Transcription Process

SpeakWrite helps Law Enforcement Departments run more efficiently and cost effectively. By offloading the typing to SpeakWrite, overtime hours once spent on paperwork and backlog can be reduced or even eliminated. Crucial case information is in your system quickly. Officers and Investigators can get back to their duties.

The Challenge: Budget cuts and hiring constraints stretch support resources to the limit. Document backlog is growing and paying overtime is costly. Officers and Investigators spend too much time doing paperwork and patrol and investigation time is lost.

The Solution: With SpeakWrite, Law Enforcement gets access to our unlimited typist capacity 24/7 – at a cost much less than in-house resources. Time consuming report creation is offloaded from Officers, resulting in immediate reductions in backlog and overtime. Best of all, valuable hours are gained back for police work.

A complete mobile information system – The SpeakWrite App

Everything an officer needs to generate a report without touching a keyboard.

Developed by SpeakWrite for the SpeakWrite Platform there is no need to purchase expensive equipment or dictation devices.

Easy-to-use, it can be learned in minutes. One Tap sends work to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

All jobs, whether completed or in-process, can be managed through the App.

Law Enforcement Trahscription with the SpeakWrite App

The App is Free – and can be used on iPhone and Android devices.

Real-time recording of scene investigations result in more detailed and accurate reports.

SpeakWrite PhotoNotes™

Capture GPS-stamped images live from the field, and insert them directly into a dictation. Photos appear in the transcribed document exactly where specified.

SpeakWrite CallCapture™

Record outgoing calls easily for transcription. Record interviews, witness statements or other multi-speaker conversations for reference later.

Transcription geared for today’s Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Transcription Capacity

Capacity & availability 24/7/365

Our network of US-based typists work around-the-clock, every day of the year. Your work is never sent offshore. Our capacity can scale instantly to handle any spike in workload.

SpeakWrite Transcription Security Policies

Personnel & data security

Multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards. Fully vetted typists undergo rigorous background checks before acceptance into the network.

Turnaround – about 3 hours.

The efficiency of the SpeakWrite platform is so advanced, work is delivered accurately and securely – in about 3 hours. Reports are completed and filed before the shift ends.

SpeakWrite Transcription Cost Effective

We help your budget

Reduce, even eliminate overtime and excess hiring and gain back countless hours previously spent typing. We work within your budget with tools that keep you in control of your usage and spend.

SpeakWrite is experienced in working with local, state and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, judicial institutions and jail and correctional facilities.

We’re not another ‘old-school’ transcription service…

…SpeakWrite is a unique, full-featured transcription platform.

Simple, no contract pricing. Pay-as-you-go

With SpeakWrite there are no monthly charges, fixed costs or hidden fees.
Use us just when you need us. You are only charged for work transcribed at a per word rate.



1.25 cents

per word

Single Speaker Audio




2 cents

per word

Audio of 2 or More Speakers


Spanish Translation



Per Audio Minute

Audio of 2 or More Speakers
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There is a 100 word minimum per job.

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We Transcribe

Departmental Correspondence and Memos
Deposition Transcript Summaries
Court Proceedings, Depositions
Interviews, Interrogations, Confessions
Vehicle Recordings

Patrol and Surveillance Reports
Investigative Reports
Officer Narratives & Reports
Witness Statements & Testimony
Body Cam & Vehicle Cam Audio

Verbatim Transcriptions
Videotaped Proceedings
Recorded Statements
EMS and 911 Communications
Jail & Correctional Usage