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SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription – Proven to reduce documentation time

SpeakWrite is unlike any other Protective Services transcription service. It is a unique transcription platform with features that support and enrich the quality of casework documentation. Patented, industry-leading technology is at your disposal, along with an army of professional typists on call 24/7/365. Web-based and easy to use, your Agency can start using SpeakWrite today.

Over 30% of caseworkers who tried SpeakWrite reduced the time they spent documenting casework

Easier transfer to notes into Records Management
SpeakWrite improved casework document accuracy
SpeakWrite improved level of casework detail
SpeakWrite was easy to use for notetaking

How does SpeakWrite compare with Voice Recognition? Read the Oregon Department of Human Services Study Electronic Document Dictation Project: A measure of costs and benefits of SpeakWrite and Dragon Naturally Speaking, August 2007.

    DEVELOPED BY SPEAKWRITE FOR USE WITH THE SPEAKWRITE PLATFORM – our Free App lets you take advantage of all our platform has to offer. A complete mobile recording system for iPhone or Android devices, the App is the easiest way to submit and receive audio files and photos. Agencies save on the expense and maintenance of dedicated digital recording devices and software.
    EASY TO USE – Caseworkers will be recording their contact notes, narratives and interviews in minutes. One Tap securely submits the work – from anywhere, 24/7 – to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

    FULL EDITING CAPABILITIES – Caseworkers can edit and review jobs in progress and manage their completed dictations – all through the App.
    PHOTONOTES™ – Caseworkers can enhance the detail and accuracy of their reports by inserting an unlimited number of GPS-stamped photos directly into narratives. The photos are inserted directly into the finished documents.
    FAST, SECURE DELIVERY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS – We lead the industry in turnaround time. The SpeakWrite platform is so efficient, your work is delivered to your Inbox in about 3 hours.
    SIMPLE PRICINGGeneral Transcriptions: 1.25 CENTS per word. Multi-Speaker: 2 CENTS per word. No upcharges or hidden fees, ever.
    NO IT INVESTMENT NEEDED – SpeakWrite is an easy-to-use, web-based service. You can implement SpeakWrite immediately. Unlike voice recognition, you won’t pay for any hardware, software or installation services.
    CUSTOM TEMPLATES – Our typists can type directly into your agency’s pre-formatted forms, intake reports or other templates you use. We make it fast and easy to upload to your Case Management System.
    WORD LISTS – Build individual, group or agency-wide Word Lists. Typists refer to these lists to correctly spell names, key words, phrases or terms – further improving the accuracy of your finished document.
    CUSTOM FILES NAMES – Use your agency’s file naming standards. Transcribed documents are easily identified and can be saved to your Records Management System without renaming.
    MULTI-SPEAKER TRANSCRIPTION – Accurate notation of events involving multiple people can be a big part of casework. Proceedings and hearings, CallCapture™ recordings, recorded statements and interviews or other Multi-Speaker events are no problem for our experienced typists.
    SUPERIOR SECURITY – Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption protocols – along with Password Protection and HIPAA compliance – keeps your data safe. Work is held for 90 days, then deleted.
    TYPIST NETWORK SECURITY – Our network of professional typists are based in the United States – your work is never sent offshore. Typists must adhere to rigorous standards for security (background checks, employment screening, and confidentiality policies) to ensure that the security of sensitive casework information, and privacy is protected.
    ENCRYPTION – 256-bit SSL encryption is used when sending and receiving any file over the Internet. For additional security, clients can receive completed work via a password protected URL or web download.
    Read more about SpeakWrite’s Security Standards.
    – A dedicated SpeakWrite Account Manager will be at your side to get you up and running or answer any account questions. Your Account Manager will also help set up any real-time and automated reporting you need from our system.


    • Individual Account Pages – Individual Caseworkers can oversee and review completed and in-process jobs, monitor usage, and manage all the features and functionality of their account.
    • Group Account Pages – Large organizations can structure and manage their account by group, location or other levels that reflect their organizational structure. Designated administrators can manage all aspects of the account including the oversight all work, billing, budget and usage caps and user access rights.
    TRAINING -SpeakWrite is easy to implement and use. We work with your Training Unit to facilitate any training quickly and can create a customized training plan to suit your agency’s needs. Easy online video training can get any new users on-board immediately.
    CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Our Customer Support team is here to help you with virtually any question or problem you may have.

      Available toll-free at (800) 828-3889 or via Email
      Monday – Friday from 7am-12am CST. Saturday and Sunday from 8am-11pm CST

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“Having the SpeakWrite App (which can be used on almost any device, computer, etc.) makes the convenience and ease of use a huge bonus. I love it!”

Lilly B., Case Manager

“Turnaround is really fast! I love having my dictaphone built into my Smartphone!”

Sarah H., Protective Services

“I love how I can call in and record my face-to-face contact on my way back to another client’s home, the office or on my way home, anytime of day.”

Laura B., Social Worker

“I can’t thank all of you enough! I am always so impressed with all my jobs that come back. It is obvious that you All take pride in your work and do a amazing job. Thank you, without all of you I could NEVER get my work done. Again thank you!”

Susan L., State Human Services