Legal Transcription – Video Transcript

For law firms, big swings in document workload are difficult – and expensive – to manage. Peaktimes leave staff typists working nights and weekends to keep up. And slow times leave them with not enough to do. Striking a perfect balance between workload and resources was impossible, until now. Now there’s SpeakWrite.

SpeakWrite is the world’s leading, human-powered transcription company. It pairs advanced, internet technologies with a network of expert legal typists that can deliver your documents with remarkable speed. It is a system that is always available, and infinitely scalable, to handle any size workload. And it’s so efficient, your dictations are transcribed and delivered in about 3 hours.

SpeakWrite is a trusted partner for sole practitioners, small firms and large, multi office firms. We integrate easily with your practice to handle all of your typing, or just the overflow during crunch times.

SpeakWrite is not like traditional legal transcription services and we’re not voice recognition. We have unique capabilities you won’t find elsewhere – Like the The SpeakWrite App. The free App is a complete dictation system for your Smartphone, that lets you dictate your letters, pleadings, or notes to your files from anywhere, anytime. One Tap uploads and routes your work to our legal typists for transcription. Follow the status of all your work from the App too. While you’re staying productive, we’re transcribing your work into your firm’s custom formats and letterheads. Completed documents are sent directly to your Inbox -in about 3 hours.

You’re in control. Your SpeakWrite Account Page lets you follow the status of every job in process, access your completed work, even manage your usage levels and budget – for just you, or for your entire organization..

SpeakWrite is affordable. Our pricing is simple. SpeakWrite always costs less than dedicated, in-house typists or typing yourself, because you can use us, just when you need us. There are no monthly fees,minimums or upcharges – ever.

And SpeakWrite is web-based, so you don’t need any expensive equipment, software or support from your IT department.

Are you ready? SpeakWrite is a better way to create legal documents – One that saves you valuable time AND can make your practice more profitable. Sign up for a Free 10-day Legal Trial, or Call us today to get started.