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SpeakWrite Legal Transcription, Law Enforcement Transcription and General Transcription Service
Platform and Pricing

Welcome to SpeakWrite, the world’s leading human-powered transcription platform.

SpeakWrite is not like traditional transcription services or voice recognition. We combine the most advanced internet technologies with a network of talented people to deliver your documents with amazing accuracy and speed. It is a system that is at your disposal around the clock – it manages the flow of work through our professional typist network so efficiently, your documents are completed and delivered in about 3 hours.

We help people that work in legal world, law enforcement and protective services – where generating extensive, time-sensitive documentation is critical. But people who spend hours typing, in all kinds of companies, can benefit by using SpeakWrite.

How does it work? Start by sending us any kind of audio file, but most people like to use the SpeakWrite App. The free App is a complete mobile dictation system for your Smartphone that lets you record your memos or letters, reports, case narratives, even speeches or lectures – from anywhere. One Tap sends your recording to SpeakWrite.

The SpeakWrite platform immediately routes your work to our secure network of expert US-based typists – your work is never sent off-shore.
And SpeakWrite has unique capabilities you won’t find with anywhere else. It’s the only platform that lets you add photo’s, taken on the fly, directly into your dictation. And we’ll type directly into your custom forms or documents.

With your SpeakWrite Account Page, you can follow the status of every job in process, access your saved work, even manage your usage levels and budget – for just you, your department, or for your entire organization.

Our Pricing is simple. Use us only when you need us. There are no monthly fees, usage minimums. or upcharges – ever. SpeakWrite is a web-based service. You can start using us today – and (it’s so easy?) you won’t need expensive equipment, software or IT support.

Discover a new way to create documents. One that saves you both valuable time and money. Sign up for a Free Trial, or Call us today to learn more about how SpeakWrite can make you more productive that you ever imagined.