Getting the most out of your SpeakWrite Service

SpeakWrite App/PhotoNotes™ (2019 Update)

Learn how to create and add photos into your dictations using the SpeakWrite App.


Custom Templates, Word Lists

Learn how these two top features will make you more productive.


Toll-Free Dictation Line

Use the SpeakWrite Toll-Free Dictation line to record and submit your work for transcription.


Using a Digital Recording Device

Learn how to submit your dictations to SpeakWrite if you use a Digital Recording Device.


Using FTP to Upload Large Files

Learn how to use the FTP method to upload large audio or video files over 2GB.


Account Pages

Navigate your Account Page features in this video.


How to Dictate for Law Enforcement

Watch this quick video to learn how to begin a dictation.


How to Dictate for Protective Services

Watch this quick video to learn how to begin a dictation for Protective Services.