Law Enforcement Transcription – Video Transcript

SpeakWrite specializes in Law Enforcement Transcription

Law Enforcement agencies are facing some tough challenges – like cuts to support staff, a growing documentation backlog, and officers that are working overtime to complete time consuming paperwork.

SpeakWrite can help you counter these challenges by significantly reducing the time it take to produce timely, high quality documentation. With SpeakWrite, overtime can be reduced, even eliminated. And officers gain back valuable hours for police work.

How does it work? When you partner with SpeakWrite, you gain access to the world’s leading, human-powered transcription platform. We pair advanced, internet technologies with a fully vetted network of US based typists that can transcribe documents with remarkable speed. We are always available, and infinitely scalable,and so efficient, your reports are transcribed and delivered in about 3 hours.

SpeakWrite has unique capabilities that integrate easily into officer workflow. – Like the The SpeakWrite App. The free App is a complete dictation system for Smartphones, that lets officers record their investigative reports and interviews from anywhere, anytime. Even add photos directly into a dictation and completed report. We process video and bodycam transcriptions

One Tap uploads your work to SpeakWrite for processing. Officers stay on duty, while their reports are typed. Completed documents are sent directly and securely to their Inbox – in about 3 hours.

We understand data security in law enforcement. SpeakWrite’s multi-level security standards are the toughest in the industry. And with your SpeakWrite Account you can manage all aspects of your service, like defining user access to information, usage levels and budget – by individual, by group or for the whole agency.

SpeakWrite fits into your budget. SpeakWrite always costs less than dedicated, in-house typists or when officers type themselves. SpeakWrite is web-based – so you won’t need any special equipment, software, or support from your IT department. Use us only when you need us. There are no minimum usage requirements, monthly charges or add-on fees.

Start a Free, 30-day customized Pilot. In your world, time is of the essence. And vital information – delivered and distributed in hours not days – can be a game changer. So experience a better, faster and more cost effective way to create police documents by signing up for a Free, 30-day SpeakWrite Pilot for your Department, or call us today to get started.

“I have been using SpeakWrite for years. This App has saved me the frustration of keeping up with my digital recorder, which I would inevitably leave in the jacket pocket of the suit I wore the day before (or days before). Having this App available on the same device I carry with me everyday has made my days much easier.”

Wade H., District Attorney

“SpeakWrite has helped us scale our transcription when tight deadlines approach. Knowing that we can use them whenever we need to has saved us a lot of sleepless nights.”

Robert B., Partner

“SpeakWrite allows me to work on other investigations knowing that my work will be typed in a timely and secure manner.”

Ron S., Detective

“Having the SpeakWrite App (which can be used on almost any device, computer, etc.) makes the convenience and ease of use a huge bonus. I love it!”

Lilly B., Case Manager

“This service is always fast, thorough and has an unexpectedly responsive customer service dept! I have often received short memos back within an hour (my first project was sent to me within 37 minutes!). You can send them customized templates & their typists are in the US. I can’t say enough positive things about them.”

Sadie W., Small Business Owner

“I love it. Although I speak with an accent, I don’t have much editing to do.”

Nadeen M., Professor

“Turnaround is really fast! I love having my dictaphone built into my Smartphone!”

Sarah H., Protective Services

“I can’t thank all of you enough! I am always so impressed with all my jobs that come back. It is obvious that you All take pride in your work and do a amazing job. Thank you, without all of you I could NEVER get my work done. Again thank you!”

Susan L., State Human Services

“SpeakWrite allows me to work on other investigations knowing that my work will be typed in a timely and secure manner.”

Joe M., Criminal Investigator