We’re surrounded by technology… yet millions of people spend hours each day on the tedious, time consuming and costly task of creating documents. Exceptional productivity hinges on a single, mundane issue – the speed of your own typing, or that of your staff.

At SpeakWrite, our mission is to show the world a new and better way to create documents.

We’re not like any other ‘old school’ transcription service you may know. And we are not voice recognition. SpeakWrite is a transcription platform, that combines the most advanced, internet technologies with a network of exceptional people. It’s a platform that can deliver your documents with amazing accuracy and speed. It is a system that runs around the clock, every day of the year, and has infinite capacity. It’s a process so efficient, you’ll receive your finished documents… in about 3 hours. That’s right, in about 3 hours.

Who uses SpeakWrite? Lawyers, Police Officers, Investigators, CaseWorkers.. We specialize in helping people where extensive, time-sensitive documentation is essential, even critical. Virtually who spends hours creating and typing documents can experience remarkable productivity gains by using SpeakWrite.

And it’s so easy to use, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Not only does SpeakWrite cost less than typing yourself, you gain back countless hours you used to spend on low value typing.

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