If your application has been accepted, you will enter our Evaluation and Testing process as outlined below:

Short Form Information

You will be required to complete a short form with your personal information.

Step 2: Pass the Typing Test

We will provide you with a short exercise to validate your typing speed and accuracy. Your typing speed must be equal to, or above 60 WPM and you must achieve 90% accuracy to advance past this point.

Step 3: Work History and Availability

You will be asked to provide more detailed information about your work history and availability. You must meet our work experience requirements to advance past this step. You will then be asked to review and sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Step 4: SpeakWrite Testing

After installing SpeakWrite’s typing software you will asked to complete a series of sample transcription jobs. Using our Online Help Manual, you will get detailed instructions on how to manage different kinds of files and documents. Your completed transcription jobs will then be evaluated for adherence to our policies and procedures.

Step 5: Background Checks

If your testing transcription jobs have been approved you will need to complete a background check agreement.

Why Background Checks?

Background checks are performed on all company personnel, including typist contractors, in order for us to comply with the requirements of certain clients.

After you have successfully completed the evaluation and testing process and have been approved as a SpeakWrite independent contractor, you will be required to submit a Waiver that allows us to proceed with the checks. The background checks are conducted by a third party (Talentwise) and are done at our expense. Your credit or driving history will not be checked. SpeakWrite will not see the results of those checks, nor will the results be shared with anyone at any time.

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