Typist FAQs

Answers to your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Since you complete the evaluation process on your own time, you dictate how long it takes. If you actively work at completing the necessary material, the process and testing can be completed anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days.
Many of SpeakWrite’s clients mandate that any employee that is conducting work on their behalf—even a contractor like a SpeakWrite typist—is required to undergo a background check.
SpeakWrite only contracts with individuals that are US or Canadian residents for various reasons. Most importantly, it ensures that we meet requirements as set forth by a number of our customers.
Currently, SpeakWrite does not offer data entry work—all typist contractors must possess legal or general typist experience and skills.
If you have signed up for a shift and you find yourself unable to work, you can request a change via the scheduling tool and await approval by the SpeakWrite typist manager.
Work is assigned to SpeakWrite typists as it is submitted by clients. The system will send you jobs that you are qualified to work on automatically if you signify you are available and you are not already working on a SpeakWrite typing job.
Once you have completed the interview process and you have filed all of the required paperwork with SpeakWrite, you will be able to start signing up for shifts. The schedule is broken into hourly blocks enabling you to sign up for as little as one hour to as many as are available in a given week. The schedule is made available up to two weeks in advance.
You can sign up for as many shifts as are available when you access the schedule via either the web or your SpeakWrite typist software. If you work regularly and maintain a high quality of work, your ability to acquire more shifts is increased. Within 3-4 months of working regularly and positive feedback and you should be able to schedule as many as 40 hours of work a week.
As an experienced transcriptionist you know that to be effective in this role, a foot pedal is essential. This will allow you to start and stop audio without having to stop typing allowing you to type more efficiently and successfully. There’s more information available about foot pedals here.
SpeakWrite typists are paid at a rate of a ½ cent per word transcribed. Strong typists who meet our criteria can generally earn $12-$15 per hour after a short time of working within our system; some of our typists earn more than $15 per hour. There are no caps on the amount you can earn, so the faster and more efficiently you can complete the work and the more hours you schedule, the more you can earn.