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SpeakWrite partners with professions where heavy documentation is the norm and makes them more efficient. That can mean less stress, less overtime – even a healthier bottom line. Better yet, you get back valuable time to take care of more important things.

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How SpeakWrite transcription works

SpeakWrite is an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription machine. It is a system that manages the flow of work to an expert network of typists and back to you with unmatched speed. You get patented, industry leading technology and an army of professional typists at your disposal – 24/7/365. Your documents are delivered in about 3 hours.

SpeakWrite Transcription Service how it works

Unlimited ways to work…

We’re flexible – use the SpeakWrite App, call our Toll-Free Dictation Line, upload/email your audio files from any dictation device, FAX your notes, even mail us your tapes.
New to Dictation? No problem, with a few minutes training, you’ll be SpeakWriting in no time.

Revolutionary technology, Exceptional people

Leverage a powerful transcription platform with a typist network at-the-ready to respond to any spike in your workload. PhotoNotes™, CallCapture™ and Custom Templates are just a few of the unique features that make us so much more than a transcription service.

Exceptional speed and
secure delivery

Your work is transcribed and delivered with extraordinary efficiency. Ironclad security at all levels ensures your data is handled safely.
Complete, accurate and secure documents delivered to your Inbox with unmatched speed – in about 3 hours.

That was just an overview….

SpeakWrite isn’t just another ‘old-school’ transcription service.

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Pricing – No contract, Pay as you go

Simple, pay-as-you-go, per word pricing. 100 word minimum for any job.
No contracts, use us just when you need us.



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per word

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Audio of 2 or more speakers

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Learn how SpeakWrite is helping Caseworkers


“SpeakWrite allows me to work on other investigations knowing that my work will be typed in a timely and secure manner.”

Joe M., Criminal Investigator

“I cannot believe just how fast this was. I didn’t even get to finish my soda. Incredible.”

Bill A., Detective

“I love how I can call in and record my face-to-face contact on my way back to another client’s home, the office or on my way home, anytime of day.”

Laura B., Social Worker

“Turnaround is really fast! I love having my dictaphone built into my Smartphone!”

Sarah H., Protective Services

“I love it. Although I speak with an accent, I don’t have much editing to do.”

Nadeen M., Professor

“SpeakWrite has helped us scale our transcription when tight deadlines approach. Knowing that we can use them whenever we need to has saved us a lot of sleepless nights.”

Robert B., Partner

“This service is always fast, thorough and has an unexpectedly responsive customer service dept! I have often received short memos back within an hour (my first project was sent to me within 37 minutes!). You can send them customized templates & their typists are in the US. I can’t say enough positive things about them.”

Sadie W., Small Business Owner

“Having the SpeakWrite App (which can be used on almost any device, computer, etc.) makes the convenience and ease of use a huge bonus. I love it!”

Lilly B., Case Manager

“SpeakWrite allows me to work on other investigations knowing that my work will be typed in a timely and secure manner.”

Ron S., Detective

“I have been using SpeakWrite for years. This App has saved me the frustration of keeping up with my digital recorder, which I would inevitably leave in the jacket pocket of the suit I wore the day before (or days before). Having this App available on the same device I carry with me everyday has made my days much easier.”

Wade H., District Attorney


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    2015 IACP 121st Annual Conference
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