SpeakWrite Business Transcription is for anyone who has better things to do than type

Authors, inspectors, lecturers, journalists, investigators – any profession, where paperwork or typing documentation is a burden, can experience immediate gains in productivity and efficiency – by leaving the typing to SpeakWrite. With SpeakWrite’s business transcription services, you free up valuable time to do anything and everything more important.

How SpeakWrite Works

your Audio

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Who can use SpeakWrite?


When it’s your job to talk, use SpeakWrite to capture your thoughts and put them into words. Educators, Lecturers and Authors can concentrate on the message and the story, not on the typing.

Reporters & Interviewers

When it’s your job to report, use SpeakWrite to capture your on-site observations and photos. For journalism, interviews, family histories, or anything for that matter use SpeakWrite and you won’t miss a word.


When it’s your job to listen, SpeakWrite lets you focus on the subject matter, not on taking notes. Researchers, meeting and focus group participants can relax and just learn.

Investigators & Inspectors

Inspectors and investigators need to spend more time out in the field, not in the office typing. SpeakWrite puts their findings and photos into a finished product.

SpeakWrite is packed with features you won’t get with other services or voice recognition

With SpeakWrite, you get a revolutionary, transcription service that delivers documents with unmatched speed. With unlimited on-demand access to expert typists 24/7/365, we can handle all of your dictations, interviews, video transcriptions, meetings, lectures and speeches. And we do it faster and more cost effectively than typing yourself.

The SpeakWrite App

Security Standards

Standard Features

Account Management & Customer Support

We Transcribe:

  • Correspondence / Letters & Memos
  • Property / Casualty Reports
  • Insurance Claim Reporting
  • Board & Director Meetings
  • Speeches, Seminars, Sermons
  • Workman’s Compensation Reports
  • Building and Manufacturing Inspections
  • Verbatim Proceedings
  • Lectures, Classroom Events
  • Journalistic Interviews, Researcher Investigations
  • Focus Groups, Brain Storming, Management Retreats
  • Family Histories

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