Quick and Cost Effective Transcripts of Your Investigations

Investigations can last weeks or even months and the amount of evidence collected can be overwhelming. SpeakWrite Private Investigation transcripts allow you to conduct your investigation and have evidence, reports, and conversations transcribed so that your files are documented.

SpeakWrite helps Private Investigators work more efficiently and cost effectively.

The Challenge

Investigators are in the field gathering evidence and making important observations that can make or break a case. But documenting that legwork is time consuming or cost prohibitive if you outsource it. You need to stay focused on your investigations, but have the ability to get that evidence documented so that it can be used to close a case.

The Solution

With SpeakWrite, you can submit your evidence and reports in just a few clicks, and your work is immediately routed to our trained and qualified human typists. Your reports are then returned to your email within hours. Time consuming report creation is offloaded from investigators allowing then to stay focused on their work.

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

Every facet of data transfer and storage stays housed right here in the US, in state of the art data centers within the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

How SpeakWrite Transcription Works

your Audio

Submit Your Audio ContenT
to Speakwrite 24/7/365
(Via: App, phone, computer, email, mail)

SpeakWrite Sends
You Completed Documents
in about 3 hrs


Because all SpeakWrite work is done by trained and qualified human transcriptionists, we are 99%-100% accurate

Transcription geared for Private Investigators

Personnel & data security

SpeakWrite has implemented multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards. Our fully vetted typists based in the US and Canada clear rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before acceptance into our transcription network.

Scalable typist capacity 24/7

Our network of US and Canadian based typists work around-the-clock, every day of the year. Your interviews, videos and dictated reports are never sent offshore. Our capacity can scale instantly to handle any workload.

Remarkable speed, simple pricing

The efficiency of the SpeakWrite transcription platform is so advanced, work is delivered accurately and securely, typically in about 3 hours, for a standard length audio.


No more typing reports yourself and no need to hire a staff and pay them to sit idle. You can even get itemized bills so that you can turn that cost over to your client.

SpeakWrite is packed with features you won’t get with other services or voice recognition

With SpeakWrite, you get a revolutionary, feature-rich transcription service that delivers documents with unmatched speed. With unlimited, on-demand access to expert typists, 24/7/365 we can handle all of your dictations, interviews, video transcriptions, meetings, lectures and speeches. And we do it faster and more cost effectively than typing yourself.

The SpeakWrite App

Security Standards

Standard Features

Account Management & Customer Support

We Transcribe:

  • Correspondence and Memos
  • Court Proceedings & Depositions
  • Interviews
  • Video Surveillance
  • Audio Recordings
  • Investigative Reports
  • Witness Statements & Testimony
  • Body Cam & Vehicle Cam Audio
  • Recorded Statements

Simple, no contract pricing. On-Demand: Pay-as-you-go.

No monthly charges, fixed costs or hidden fees. Use SpeakWrite transcription just when you need us. Transcribe Interviews, Audio and Video Recordings and Dictated Reports. Billed weekly to your credit card at a flat per word rate. No monthly, no minimums, no contract.

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