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SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription – Allowing your agency to do more with less

Using SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription can significantly reduce documentation demands that lead to overtime, work stress, and staff turnover. Easy to use, case workers can use our free Transcription App or the Toll-Free Dictation Line to capture more focused, detailed contact narratives, on-site, or between visits. And with one tap, work is uploaded for processing.

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“SpeakWrite can be a valuable tool for CPS caseworkers. DFPS may want to make strategic investments in SpeakWrite, particularly if further research shows that access to SpeakWrite during the pilot period was associated with reductions in the amount of overtime caseworkers worked due to documentation.”

With SpeakWrite your protective services agency will be able to meet documentation standards and deadlines, while reducing turnover

The Challenge

Are you faced with high volume caseloads, limited resources and insufficient budget? Caseworkers spend, on average, 2+ hours daily struggling to keep up with paperwork. Chronic stress and overtime have become the norm; staff turnover is reported to exceed 30%. As a result, outcomes suffer.

The Solution

SpeakWrite helps Protective Services Agencies radically reduce the time it takes to create quality, time intense casework documentation. By offloading time-consuming paperwork, workers are better able to meet documentation standards and deadlines. Stress, overtime, and turnover are greatly reduced, and more time can be given back to families.


Every facet of data transfer and storage stays housed right here in the US, in state of the art data centers within the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

View Evidence Based Results of How SpeakWrite Has Helped Other Agencies

How SpeakWrite Transcription Works

Create Your Audio recording

submit your audio 24/7/365 via app , phone, computer or email

speakwrite sends your completed document in about 3 hrs

Because all SpeakWrite work is done by trained and qualified human transcriptionists, we are 99%-100% accurate

Technology solution for quality, time intense casework documentation

SpeakWrite Transcription Law Enforcement Security


Authorization, authentication, and encryption security protocols are implemented every step along the process. US-based typists must clear rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before acceptance into our network.

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Scalable Typist Capacity


Our network of US-based typists work around the clock allowing you to submit work anytime. Capacity can scale to handle any workload or backlog.

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Remarkable Speed


SpeakWrite’s transcription processing is so efficient work is completed and ready to file in about 3 hours, for standard length audio. Chronic stress, overtime, and even turnover can be greatly reduced.

SpeakWrite Transcription Key Features


SpeakWrite has patented features like PhotoNotesTM and the SpeakWrite App. Both add detail that enhance casework documentation

SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription – Benefits for supervisors

Independent studies show that Caseworkers that use SpeakWrite create more detailed and timely case narratives vs. colleagues that type documentation themselves.

SpeakWrite is proven to reduce worker stress and overtime – resulting in higher job satisfaction and lower staff turnover.

SpeakWrite is easy to implement. Web-based, no IT investment or IT support needed. Built-in tools let you control your budget.


We Transcribe:

Simple, no contract pricing. On-Demand: Pay-as-you-go.

No monthly charges, fixed costs or hidden fees. Use SpeakWrite just when you need us.
Billed weekly to your credit card or directly to your agency and you are only charged for completed work and at a per word rate.

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