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Court-ready legal documents transcribed by experienced professionals and delivered same-day, usually in about 3 hours. Try our legal transcription services today!

Spend More Time on Billable Activities

SpeakWrite legal transcription service lets you gain back countless hours to do other things – like focus on legal work, billable hours, and growing your practice.

Law firms who partner with SpeakWrite gain access to industry-leading technology, and a scalable army of expert legal typists – without the overhead burden to your bottom line. SpeakWrite legal transcription lets you gain back countless hours to do other things – like focus in on legal work, billable hours and growing your practice.


“In the absence of having the tools of SpeakWrite, I could not have turned that around overnight and basically saved the firm’s case and the client.”  Hugh C. Wood, Esq.

SpeakWrite helps law firms and in-house legal departments run more efficiently and cost effectively.

The Challenge

Big swings in a legal firm’s workload are difficult and expensive to manage. Peak times can stretch internal resources over the limit, leaving you scrambling to keep up with the workload. Slow periods mean that the cost of typists/staff underutilized, full-time staff erodes your profitability.

The Solution

With SpeakWrite’s legal transcription solutions, lawyers get access to our unlimited typist capacity 24/7 – at a cost much less than in-house resources or the expense of the attorney’s valuable time. Time-consuming document creation is offloaded from your staff, resulting in immediate reductions in backlog and overtime. Best of all, valuable hours are gained back for litigation or billable activities.

We Transcribe:

How SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Works

Create Your Audio recording

submit your audio 24/7/365 via app , phone, computer or email

speakwrite sends your completed document in about 3 hrs

Because all SpeakWrite work is done by trained, and qualified human transcriptionists, we are 99%-100% accurate

Leading-edge legal transcription for the modern legal practice

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Remarkable Speed


The efficiency of the SpeakWrite legal transcription service is so advanced, work is delivered accurately and securely, typically in about 3 hours, for a standard length audio.

SpeakWrite Transcription Law Enforcement Budget


1.5 cents per transcribed word for single speaker audio. Reduce, and in some cases even eliminate overtime and excess hiring due to documentation backlog and gain back countless hours previously spent typing. We work within your budget with tools that keep you in control of your usage and spending.

SpeakWrite Transcription Law Enforcement Security


SpeakWrite has implemented multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards. Fully vetted typists clear rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before acceptance into our transcription network. All legal work goes to transcriptions that have legal industry experience.

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Scalable Typist Capacity

us-based transcription

Our network of US-based typists work around-the-clock, every day of the year. Your interviews, body-camera video and dictated police reports are never sent offshore. Our capacity can scale instantly to handle any spike in workload.

Simple, no contract pricing. On-Demand: Pay-as-you-go.

No monthly charges, fixed costs, or hidden fees. Use SpeakWrite just as you need us.
Billed weekly to your credit card, you are only charged for completed work and at a per word rate.


CENTS per word
  • Single Speaker Audio


CENTS per word
  • Audio of 2 or More Speakers

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