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Get your reports transcribed so you can focus on helping those in need

2X your claim processing capacity

Capture Claim Information And Generate Complete Reports In Hours, With Speakwrite

SpeakWrite helps Insurance Adjusters, whether captive with a carrier or independent 3rd party, to run more efficiently and cost-effectively by providing them access to our unlimited pool of typists 24/7/365. Just submit your audio detailing your claims, and your transcribed report is returned to your email in about three hours. You can even include photos in your transcribed report resulting in more complete and accurate documentation.

SpeakWrite helps Insurance Adjusters work more efficiently and cost effectively.

The Challenge

When it’s your job to talk, use SpeakWrite to capture your thoughts and put them into words. Educators, Lecturers and Authors can concentrate on the message and the story, not on the typing.

The Solution

With SpeakWrite, you have access to an unlimited supply of training and qualified human typists, 24/7/365. Your claims are delivered in hours allowing adjusters to stay focused on their customers and processing claims. By reducing the time it takes to create your reports you can process more claims in a week. Instead of processing 4-7 claims per week, you could process 8-12, by cutting the time it takes to document your reports.

How SpeakWrite Transcription for Insurance Adjusters Works


Create Your Audio recording


submit your audio 24/7/365 via app , phone, computer or email


speakwrite sends your completed document in about 3 hrs

Because all SpeakWrite work is done by trained, and qualified human transcriptionists, we are 99%-100% accurate

Insurance Transcription Geared for the Modern Adjuster

Personnel & Data Security

Authorization, authentication, and encryption security protocols are implemented every step along the process. US-based typists must clear rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before acceptance into our network.

Typists Available 24/7/365

Our network of US-based typists work around the clock allowing you to submit work anytime. Capacity can scale to handle any workload or backlog.

Turnaround Time - About 3 Hours

SpeakWrite’s transcription processing is so efficient work is completed and ready to file in about 3 hours, for standard length audio. Adjusters are able to do more work, in less time. By dictating your reports and incorporating photo notes from the field, you could go from generating 4-7 claims per week to processing 8-12 claims per week.

SpeakWrite has patented features like PhotoNotesTM and the SpeakWrite Mobile App which adds greater detail and enhances documentation.

Types of Documents We Transcribe:

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