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Your Spanish reports delivered accurately & securely in 10 days or less!

SpeakWrite Spanish Translation & Transcription Services provides high quality, human-generated translation and transcription that you would expect from the leader in transcription.

Submit your Spanish interviews and statements and receive a full transcript of the original Spanish recording as well as a verbatim English translation.

At SpeakWrite, we understand that many organizations and municipalities face a growing challenge of documenting Spanish statements and interviews.

The Challenge

When a company or organization has a Spanish or English and Spanish recording, having it transcribed and translated can cost hundreds of dollars and take weeks to receive a transcript. There has been no timely and affordable way to make them part of the record. Most organizations don’t have the resources or the bandwidth to accomplish this in-house, and until now, sending it out for translation and transcription has been prohibitively expensive.

The Solution

SpeakWrite’s Translation & Transcription Service offer the most affordable translation and transcription available at just $9 per minute compared with competitor’s $20-$25 per minute. Just as important, the completed interview which features a full transcript of the original Spanish interview alongside an English translation of the text verbatim, is returned in 10 days, often sooner. Your organization will have access to our unlimited pool of typists, fluent in conversational Spanish, 24/7. SpeakWrite Spanish Translation & Transcription Services allow employees to focus on other tasks, while saving the organization time and money.

How SpeakWrite Transcription Services Work


Create Your Audio recording


submit your audio 24/7/365 via app, phone, computer or email


speakwrite sends a full transcript in Spanish with English translation in about 10 days or less

Because all SpeakWrite work is done by trained and qualified human transcriptionists, we are 99% - 100% accurate!

Spanish Translation & Transcription

Speaker1 ¿Cómo se llama? What's your name?
Speaker2 Daniel. Daniel.
Speaker1 Hola. Hello.
Speaker2 ¿Quieres hablar conmigo? Do you want to speak to me?
Speaker1 Uh huh. Uh huh.
Speaker2 Ah, ¿Qué pasó? Yo solamente- Well, what happened? I just wanted-
Speaker1 Si puedes - You can -
Speaker2 ¿Quién es su primo? Who is your cousin?
Speaker1 Uh, mi primo se llama Juan Carlos. Uh, my cousin's name is Juan Carlos.

Fast, Secure, Scalable & Affordable Spanish Voice to Text

SpeakWrite Transcription Law Enforcement Security


SpeakWrite has implemented multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards. Fully vetted typists clear rigorous background checks and NDA policies before acceptance into the transcription network.

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Scalable Typist Capacity


Our network of US-based typists work around-the-clock, every day of the year. Your work is never sent offshore. Our capacity can scale instantly to handle any spike in workload.

SpeakWrite Legal Transcription Remarkable Speed


Translation & Transcription is delivered accurately and securely, with a turnaround time of 10 days or less, depending of the length of the audio. For just $9 per audio minute, you will receive a transcript of the original Spanish recording featured alongside a verbatim English translation.

SpeakWrite Transcription Law Enforcement Budget


SpeakWrite offers the most affordable translation available to Law Enforcement, plus the fastest turnaround time. Reclaim your officers’ time previously spent documenting reports so they can focus on police work and incur less overtime. We work within your budget with tools that keep you in control of your usage and spending.

We Translate & Transcribe:

Simple, No-Contract Pricing.
On-Demand: Pay-As-You-Go!

NO contracts, NO fixed costs, NO hidden fees and NO monthly charges.

Use SpeakWrite Spanish Translation & Transcription Services just when you need us.

Billed weekly to your credit card, you are only charged for completed work and at a per-word rate (or per minute for Spanish translation).


$ 9 per audio minute
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Fixed Costs
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • NO Monthly Charges
  • 1 or More Audio Speakers
  • 1 Minute Minimum
  • Spanish to English Translation

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