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What Customers Have To Say About SpeakWrite Transcription Services

Hugh Wood
Hugh C. Wood, LLC, FL
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Great Company. Fast Service. Fast Turnaround.
Barbara Bale
Millar Walker, CO
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Very helpful people who know what they're doing!
Kevin King
Dietrick, Evans, Scholz & Williams, LLC, CA
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Wonderful service. Thank you! Don't change.
Catherine James
ACT of Communication
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Never could have written my book without SpeakWrite!

Why SpeakWrite?

99% - 100% Accuracy

Because our work is done by qualified transcriptionists, not AI, your returned documents will be 99% - 100% accurate! Learn more about how SpeakWrite works!

3 Hour Turnaround

Documentation that could take you days or weeks can now be done in a couple of hours. Today, we are one of the fastest transcription services in the US. Explore the SpeakWrite process!

Reliable Confidentiality

Multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards. Fully vetted typists clear rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before working with us. Read our Document Policy and Security Policy.

Simple Pricing

No monthly charges, no fixed costs and no hidden fees. Use SpeakWrite just when you need us. You are only charged for completed work and at a per-word rate (or per minute for Spanish translation). See our pay-as-you-go no-contract pricing!

24/7 Availability

Available 24 hours a day, SpeakWrite can handle as much of your work as you require, with no advance notice or request, and with no special equipment. Contact us at any time!

Submit Files Multiple Ways

Use our FREE mobile and desktop app to upload audio files or PDFs, or provide links to YouTube, Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also call our toll-free (800) dictation line.

SpeakWrite Helps Professionals Work More Efficiently and Cost Effectively so They Can Focus More on What They're Great at!

The Challenge

You chose your profession for a reason. You’re passionate about it, and you’re good at it. But a huge percentage of your day is spent generating documentation, rather than doing the work. If your office is lucky enough to have support staff, the chances are, you would be better off if they were free to help you with other, more complex tasks than typing up your documents.

You need to stay focused on your expertise, but the documentation and correspondence still has to get done.

The Solution

With SpeakWrite, you can send your documents to a trained professional transcription assistant and you can go back to focusing on the big picture tasks. 

Your ready-to-send document will be back before you know it, leaving you with more hours in the day to get things done and advance your career.

A Complete Mobile Transcription Solution

Download our FREE app now to start dictating and saving time right from your phone! Learn more!

We Provide Transcription Services Across Many Industries

Legal Transcription

Turn dictations into court-ready legal documents

Law Enforcement & Police Transcription

Help police officers spend more time in the field

Protective Services Transcription

Less time documenting – more time with families

Business Transcription

Free-up valuable time to do more important things

Spanish Translation & Transcription

Verbatim interview translation from Spanish to English

Private Investigation Transcription

Evidence, reports and conversations transcribed securely

Insurance Claims Transcription

Increase your throughput with more resources

Financial Transcription

Quick turnaround for wealth management notes and Earning Calls transcripts

Industry Leader of Transcription & Dictation Services
Since 1997

We specialize in Legal Transcription, Law Enforcement Transcription, Insurance Transcription, Protective Service Transcription and Business Transcription Services.

We help you become more efficient when heavy documentation is the norm, and that means less stress, less overtime and even a healthier bottom line.

SpeakWrite is an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription service.

It is a system that manages the flow of work, to an expert network of typists then back to you, with unmatched speed. You get patented transcription, industry-leading technology and an unlimited pool of typists at your disposal – 24/7/365.

Your documents are ready in about 3 hours.

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Audio Transcribed


Create Your Audio recording


submit your audio 24/7/365 via app, phone, computer or email


speakwrite sends your completed document in about 3 hrs

Save At Least 1 Hour Per Day By Using SpeakWrite Transcription Services