Dictation Made Easy

Every SpeakWrite account comes with features that making dictating easy to integrate into your workflow


You may upload templates, or ‘form’ documents, to be used by our typists as a reference in completing your work. These templates can be used to establish formatting, including layout, font, spacing, etc.

You may upload as many transcription templates as you like, with no charge, and manage them at your own convenience. Once you have uploaded your templates, simply reference them in your dictation stating “Please use my _________ template for this job”. It is important that you specifically request a ‘template’ to avoid our typists confusing the request with an instruction to your in-house staff.

[Note: Templates should be in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format. At this time we cannot use templates with a numbered ‘pleading paper’ format or Word documents with the ‘.dot’ extension.]

Word Lists

SpeakWrite allows you to build and maintain a ‘Personal Word List’ of words, phrases, acronyms or names that may not be familiar to our typists, allowing you to avoid spelling words repeatedly in your dictations.

For example, you may commonly reference a difficult last name in your dictation work. To avoid spelling it each time, simply add it to your ‘Personal Word List’ and during your dictation when you dictate the name say “Please reference my word list”. This will indicate to the typist that they need to refer to your Word List in order to accurately complete your work.

Address Book

Your account also includes a standard ‘Address Book’ feature. Input addresses individually or use our Address Book upload feature to incorporate all your contacts. In addition to adding addresses, you may also edit and delete any entry.

During dictation, reference specific entries from your Address Book to ensure accuracy and consistency of information. Maintaining an Address Book over time can increase your rate of dictation and the quality of your returned documents.


A SpeakWrite patented technology – PhotoNotes lets you take unlimited, GPS-time, -date stamped photos on the fly and insert them into your document. Free of charge, photos are included in your final document exactly where you added them.

Training Videos

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