Since 1997, SpeakWrite has never had a breach of security or an issue surrounding confidentiality. We take every precaution to ensure that work submitted and received through our secure channels is not accessible by anyone outside the SpeakWrite network. We take security very seriously and hold the highest standards in the industry. If you can think of a precaution we haven’t taken Email Us – we’d love to hear it. SpeakWrite uses a combination of three standard security approaches: authentication, authorization and encryption.


Secure Network of Typists
Our network of typists are United States based and are geographically dispersed throughout the country. SpeakWrite does not use any offshore resources. Prior to being accepted into our network, a review of each typist’s employment history is conducted and they are required to sign Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements. After acceptance into our network, they receive further HIPAA training and internal review. Jobs are assigned at random to ensure that no typist receives multiple jobs about the same case or subject and a typist’s identity is never available to other typists and customer contact information is never available to the typist as well.

Background Checks
All SpeakWrite Typists and Proofreaders are subjected to rigorous background checks, which they must pass before ever gaining access to any client work.


Authentication is confirming the identity of an individual. The two groups requiring authentication in the SpeakWrite system include the customer and the typists. Clients are authenticated using their Account Number and PIN when they use the toll-free dictation line smartphone app or at Customer Login. Typists are authenticated at multiple steps in the transcription process ensuring a high level of security.

Authorization is confirming that an individual has access to a particular resource. The SpeakWrite security model uses authorization to verify client access upon logging in and which functionality is available. For typists, authorization is used to verify that they have been assigned a job and verifies the authority of a typist to download job information and upload finished documents.

Encryption and SSL Encryption
Encryption creates a secure channel between the user’s web browser and the SpeakWrite servers and prevents eavesdropping, message tampering and message forgery. SpeakWrite uses 2048 bit keys with 256-bit algorithm when sending and receiving files over the Internet. This includes customer uploads of audio, client downloads of completed jobs, customers viewing and updating personal information and the upload and download of customer jobs to our network of typists.


For extra security, customers can request to receive work via a password protected URL. This feature can be activated by going to Customer Login and clicking ‘Preferences’ at the top right of the page.


Every facet of data transfer and storage stays housed right here in the US, in state of the art data centers within the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.