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High-Volume Caseloads, Overtime & Turnover

Less time documenting – more time with families

SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription – fast, easy and more cost effective than typing

Using SpeakWrite can significantly reduce documentation demands that lead to overtime, work stress and staff turnover. Easy to use, case workers can use our Free App or the Toll-Free Dictation Line to capture more focused, detailed contact narratives, on-site or between visits. With one tap, their work is uploaded for processing.

SpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription Process

With SpeakWrite your agency will have access to an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription platform – with a network of expert typists at work 24/7/365. Complete, accurate and secure casework documents are delivered, ready to submit to your Records Management System – in about 3 hours.

The Challenge:
High volume caseloads, limited resources and insufficient budget. Caseworkers spend, on average, 2+ hours daily struggling to keep up with paperwork. Chronic stress overtime has become the norm; staff turnover is reported to exceed 30%. Outcomes suffer.

The Solution:
SpeakWrite helps Protective Services Agencies radically reduce the time it takes to create quality, timely casework documentation. By offloading time-consuming paperwork, workers are better able to meet documentation standards and deadlines. Stress, overtime and turnover are reduced, and more time can be given back to families.

*Per an independent study, by the Child & Family Research Partnership at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Univ. of Texas. Results per an 8-week SpeakWrite pilot with the Texas Department of Protective Services, May 2015.

The SpeakWrite App – create more detailed and complete case narratives

The App is a complete mobile dictation system – on a Smartphone.

Developed by SpeakWrite for the SpeakWrite Platform there is no need to purchase expensive equipment or dictation devices.

Easy-to-use, it can be learned in minutes. Tap ‘Submit’ to upload your work to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

Manage previously recorded jobs, or check the status of current and work-in-process jobs.

The Free App – for iPhone and Android devices.
Or use our Toll-Free Dictation Line!

Record contact observations, real time or between appointments, for accurate and detailed documentation.


Capture visual observations from the field that provide key support for narratives. With PhotoNotes, unlimited, GPS-stamped photos can be inserted directly into dictations and into finished documents – free.

This unique feature greatly enhances the quality and detail of casework documentation.

Technology for quality, timely casework documentation

Key features for casework

SpeakWrite has patented features like PhotoNotes™ and the SpeakWrite App. Both add detail that enhance casework documentation.

Typists available 24/7/365

Submit work anytime. Our network of US-based typists work around the clock. Capacity can scale to handle any workload or backlog.

Sensitive data is secure

Authorization, authentication and encryption security protocols. US-based typists must clear rigorous background checks and NDA policies.

Turnaround time – about 3 hours.

Transcription processing is so efficient, work is completed and ready to file in about 3 hours. Chronic stress, overtime, even turnover can be reduced.

user_settingsSpeakWrite Protective Services Transcription – Benefits for supervisors

  • Independent studies show that Caseworkers that ‘SpeakWrite’ create more detailed and timely case narratives vs. colleagues that type themselves.
  • SpeakWrite is proven to reduce worker stress and overtime – resulting in higher job satisfaction and lower staff turnover.
  • Easy to implement. Web-based, no IT investment or support needed. Built-in tools let you control your budget.

Our platform is packed with features…

…we needed another page to list them all.

Simple, no contract pricing. Pay-as-you-go

With SpeakWrite, there are no monthly charges, fixed costs or hidden fees.
Use us just when you need us. You are only charged for work transcribed at a per word rate.



1.25 cents

per word

Single speaker audio



2 cents

per word

Audio of 2 or more speakers

Calculate your agency’s savings

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There is a 100 word minimum per job.

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