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What are SpeakWrite Professional Services?

Most of our clients realize massive time savings using SpeakWrite services ‘off the shelf’. Some organizations benefit from a customized solution that increases efficiency even more.

Our professional services team will work with you to understand your current workflow to see how we can help streamline processes and maximize productivity.

Below are a few examples of how organizations have leveraged our professional services to maximize gains.

Case Study #1

The Challenge

A customer had a complicated process where their clients would leave voicemail messages that needed to be transcribed. Once the voicemail was delivered, an employee would retrieve the message audio, and manually send it to SpeakWrite to be transcribed.

This process was time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors and mistakes.

The Solution

SpeakWrite Professional Services built a custom integration that automatically retrieved the voicemails, processed them for transcription, and returned them to the customer’s case management system – without any extra human intervention.

The new process eliminated the time and cost of the human intervention and is much more reliable and consistent.

At SpeakWrite
we know that many organizations do not employ full-time engineers who have the bandwidth to customize solutions for their employees.
That’s why...
we offer our team of experts
at an affordable rate
so you can get the solutions that work for you!

Case Study #2

The Challenge

A Legal Firm uses Litify for case management. The existing process consisted of lawyers dictating documents and delivering the dictated audio to their assistant. The assistant would upload the audio to SpeakWrite for transcription. Once the transcribed document was complete, the document would be delivered to the assistant from SpeakWrite. The assistant would re-format the transcribed document and submit it to Litify for additional workflow and processing.

The Solution

SpeakWrite Professional Services built a custom integration allowing the lawyer to dictate the audio and submit it directly to SpeakWrite for transcription. The document is then transcribed using the SpeakWrite “templates” feature, onto the proper client template (e.g., letterhead, pleading, etc.). The completed document is then returned to the Litify case file and is automatically absorbed into the client’s workflow processing.

The new process eliminated the time and effort required from the assistant to intervene.

How does the process work?

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