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SpeakWrite is an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription machine. Our patented, industry-leading technology is paired with an army of professional legal typists who are at your disposal – 24/7/365.
US-based legal typists deliver your documents in about 3 hours.

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The SpeakWrite platform, rich in custom features for legal firms, dynamically manages the flow of work through a network of qualified legal transcriptionists.

Unlimited ways to work…

We accept virtually any audio file type and video. Use your own dictation device or the Free SpeakWrite App.

Revolutionary technology…

Leverage a powerful transcription platform that can scale instantly to respond to any spike in workload.

Secure Turnaround In About 3 Hours…

Ironclad data security and a turnaround speed that is unmatched – with Documents delivered in about 3 hours.

The SpeakWrite App

A Complete Mobile Dictation System – on your Smartphone.

Developed by SpeakWrite for the SpeakWrite Platform, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment or dictation devices.

The Free App can be used on iPhone and Android devices and is so easy-to-use you’ll be dictating in minutes. One Tap Uploads send your work to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

Manage previously recorded jobs, or check the status of current, and work-in-process jobs – all through the App.

Easily record outgoing calls for transcription. Conduct an interview or capture a conversation then receive a completed transcription that clearly indicates what each speaker said.

Insert GPS-stamped photos, taken real-time, directly into your dictations and into your finished documents. Include an unlimited number of photos free of charge.

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