SpeakWrite Transcription – now integrated with Axon’s Evidence.com platform.
Law enforcement agencies across the nation already entrust their transcription needs to SpeakWrite. And now, SpeakWrite’s strategic partnership with Axon delivers fully integrated, on-demand transcription to your Evidence.com account. We eliminate the costly and time consuming step of in-house typing – making the process of documenting your audio and video evidence easier than ever. We can type your Axon body-worn videos, witness statements, interview room videos, in-car videos, recorded telephone calls and much more – and do so 24/7/365 and in about 24 hours.

How Does it Work?

Submit your audio/video from your Evidence.com account securely to SpeakWrite for transcription with the click of a button. We transcribe your content, and your completed documents are automatically synced to your Evidence.com account – all in about 24 hours.
Our US-based typists are at work for you 24/7/365. Pay-as-you-go per audio minute.

Evidence.com lets you store and manage your data in one centralized system. When you need audio and video content transcribed, one Click from your Account Page securely sends your files to SpeakWrite.

SpeakWrite works around the clock to securely and accurately transcribe your Audio and Video files using our US-based, background checked typist network.

Your transcribed documents are automatically synced back to your Evidence.com account in about 24 hours.

We understand the documentation demands in Law Enforcement

Over the last 10 years, SpeakWrite has partnered with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies of all sizes.

Turnaround – about 24 hours

SpeakWrite’s transcription platform is so efficient, your work is delivered in about 24 hours and automatically synced to your Evidence.com account.

Capacity & availability 24/7/365

SpeakWrite’s network of US-based typists work around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Our capacity can scale instantly to process your digital evidence when you need it.


Multi-level security (authorization, authentication and encryption) along with our fully vetted and background checked US-based typist network ensures your evidence is secure.

Pricing – Pay As You Go Per Audio Minute

Reduce overtime, and excess hiring and gain back countless hours previously spent typing your evidence.




per minute

SpeakWrite’s pricing model is simple – There are no upfront costs or minimum usage fees, you simply pay for transcription by the minute. We are already fully integrated into your Evidence.com account and can help you flip the switch and get started right away.

About SpeakWrite Transcription

Since 1997, SpeakWrite has lead the transcription industry in producing secure, accurate and timely documentation across law enforcement, legal, protective service and government agencies. Law Enforcement needs instant, unlimited access to typist capacity 24/7/365 for the timely transcription of critical Audio and Video evidence files. SpeakWrite’s typist network can scale to handle any spikes in work load, and deliver digital evidence documentation faster, and more cost effectively than in-house personnel.

SpeakWrite has emerged as the leader in Law Enforcement transcription. Departments nationwide have entrusted their digital evidence management to SpeakWrite and experienced remarkable increases in productivity. Partnered with Axon, SpeakWrite is the natural continuation of the progression and documentation of critical data via the Axon Evidence.com platform. We’re available 24/7/365, transcribe your files in about 24 hours and the work is simply pay-as-you-go per audio minute. We deliver transcribed files with unmatched speed, accuracy and security, making Law Enforcement organizations more productive and cost efficient than ever before.

SpeakWrite has helped police agencies of all sizes, so we understand the critical security required and the nature of your work. That’s why year after year, police agencies nationwide come to us to handle the varied and unpredictable volume of work that is the nature of Law Enforcement.