Helping Law Enforcement Officers Work Safely During COVID-19

We know that police departments are spread thin right now as everyone scrambles to face the new challenges the coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented, particularly limiting face to face contact.

Let us help your patrol division by having your patrol officers submit their reports to SpeakWrite through our free mobile app. That way, they can get their reports back quickly, and continue on to the next call. We know that the restriction on face to face contacts will also extend to your Criminal Investigations Division. Investigations will not stop so utilizing our “Record Call” feature in our law enforcement transcription service to conduct interviews over the phone will help the Investigators get their work done while staying clear of possible illnesses. 

Police, like other first responders, are going to be hit hard by the response, and we want to help provide the tools that help them do more with less. Hopefully, they can get home at a decent hour and not risk exhaustion, burnout trying to do it all or get sick. We are here to help!
Click below for a short ‘How to guide’ for recording calls and phone interviews.

If you would like to set up additional accounts for your department just click the Additional Users button below to download the New Users Spreadsheet. Fill it out and send it to Michael, your account manager, via email:

Or, if you already have accounts but would like further training for your staff, we can schedule a quick 20-minute training to get everyone up to speed.

Stay safe. Stay healthy!

Paul Aleman
Director of Law Enforcement Sales
Texas Law Enforcement Veteran

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