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    Don't leave sensitive data vulnerable to A.I. or hybrid transcription services. Learn why US-based human secure transcription is your safest bet.

    secure transcription

    With opportunistic cybercriminals ready to strike at any moment, using secure transcription services has never been so important. From sacred intellectual property to confidential client communications, the information you transcribe is a potential goldmine for malicious hackers.

    In this article, you’ll find everything you need when it comes to transcription and cyber security, including:

    • The importance of transcription services cyber security
    • Essential transcription security features
    • Automatic transcription vs. human transcription security
    • How to find confidential transcription services
    • Choosing SpeakWrite’s secure transcription services

    Here’s what every professional needs to know when choosing the safest services so you can protect your company’s sensitive data.

    The Importance of Cyber Security in Transcriptions

    When it comes to data security, third-party vendors can often be the Achilles heel that leaves your business vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    Cyberattacks targeting businesses across various industries have surged in recent years, including the 2015 breach of the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management, the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017, and breaches at trusted businesses like Target, Equifax, and Yahoo.

    Think of it this way: your data security is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain, and that link could be a vendor or business partner that you haven’t properly vetted. With so much at stake, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess any company with access to your data to ensure they’re taking the necessary precautions to prevent a breach.

    Here are a few more key reasons to select the best secure transcription services when it comes to your business:

    Maintain the accuracy of data

    The accuracy of transcribed data is essential, and it’s not only about eliminating typos. A secure system will also guarantee that any data changes or modifications are tracked accurately, so you can always refer back to the original information if needed.

    Confirm privacy and confidentiality

    When confidential data is involved, a secure transcription partner is absolutely vital. US-based human transcription provides the highest level of privacy and confidentiality that you can trust to protect your data from outsiders.

    Shield from unauthorized access

    Secure transcription services also defend from unauthorized access on behalf of hackers or snoopy employees. By setting security parameters and password protection on data systems, your transcription provider can keep your confidential information from potential prying eyes.

    Essential Security Features To Look For

    Now that you understand why using secure transcription services is so important, let’s look at the features you should look out for when choosing a service provider.

    • Encryption technology: Strong encryption technology is the most paramount feature to look out for when searching for the most confidential transcription services. Encryption will protect data from being intercepted or read by anyone who isn’t authorized, making it much more difficult for cybercriminals to access confidential information.
    • Onshore data storage: US-based, onshore storage means the data isn’t subject to foreign snooping or regulations and provides peace of mind to businesses who are worried about their data falling into the wrong hands.
    • HIPAA training & background checks: If you’re dealing with sensitive patient information, you’ll want to check that all transcriptionists and employees with access to your transcripts have undergone HIPAA training. Additionally, typists directly handling sensitive information should hold up-to-date background checks.
    • Authentication and access control: Authentication protocols are designed to confirm a person’s identity and make sure only authorized users can view sensitive documents. Secure transcription providers should also confirm that only those with the proper credentials view or modify your information.
    • History of success: They say that history repeats itself—and that’s why it’s important to research any company’s security history before handing over confidential data. As you vet your next transcription partner, be on the lookout for any previous security breaches—it could be a sign that their security protocols aren’t up to par.

    Are Automatic Transcription Services Secure?

    Automatic transcription services, which use artificial intelligence and speech-to-text software, can be convenient for businesses that need to transcribe large volumes of audio recordings quickly.

    However, using these services can also put your data at risk.

    There’s one key issue with automatic transcription—they often require users to upload audio files to the service provider’s servers. Unfortunately, this means that hackers or unauthorized third parties could intercept sensitive information.

    In addition, some services may sell or share data with third parties without users’ consent, which could lead to data breaches and other security incidents.

    Look for a provider that offers end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and privacy policies that align with your organization’s needs. Additionally, read the service provider’s terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to use their services to guarantee that your data is handled according to your expectations.


    Descript claims to have strict privacy policies to protect users’ data. However, behind the scenes, the service uses a number of third-party services to process transcripts, including Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Rev for automatic or human transcription.

    Descript assures users that their data is deleted from Google’s servers after transcription and that Rev has strict confidentiality agreements with its employees. But overall, while Descript makes efforts to protect user data, using third-party services can still pose risks to users’ privacy and confidentiality. encrypts data on Amazon Web Services servers and holds encryption keys. Its privacy policy suggests it uses this access to provide its service and train its A.I. with “de-identified” audio recordings. The company claims that it does not sell or share user data with third parties and only manually reviews audio recordings with explicit permission.

    Its security white paper states that only two administrators have access to its database, but the company has not provided clarification on what job functions could merit data access. does not rely on third-party services to process audio or transcripts and has enabled two-factor authentication for all accounts as of May 2022.


    Rev provides automatic and human transcription services, but the circumstances under which employees may access user data are not clear. Rev’s more than 60,000 freelance manual transcriptionists are the backbone of its service, and the company requires strict confidentiality agreements.

    Rev does not rely on third parties to automate transcription. The company also offers two-factor authentication to all users.


    Trint is an AI-based transcription provider popular among videographers due to its integration with Adobe Premiere Pro. While Trint has the capability to decrypt user data, it commits to not doing so except with written consent from the client.

    Trint uses MongoDB Atlas for storage, which has policies and controls to limit access to a small group of engineers. Trint also uses Transloadit, which stores processed files for only 24 hours and has strict confidentiality policies. However, Trint does not offer two-factor authentication.

    Human Transcription Services Have A Security Edge

    When it comes to keeping your data safe, human transcription has a distinct advantage. With human transcription, there’s no need to worry about your sensitive information being stored overseas or in the hands of third-party providers.

    Plus, with the ability to authenticate typists, human transcription offers a level of security that automatic services can’t match. So if you want to ensure your data is safe and secure, it’s worth considering the extra effort and cost of going with a human transcription provider.

    How to Find Secure Transcript Services in 2023

    In a world where data breaches and cyber attacks are all too common, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect your sensitive information. When it comes to transcription services, you want to make sure you’re working with a company that prioritizes the security of your data.

    So, how do you find a secure transcript service in 2023?

    1.    Check the company’s history and track record.

    One of the first things you can do is to research the company’s history and track record. Look for reviews from previous customers to get an idea of their security practices and if they’ve had any past security incidents.

    2.    Ensure they use encrypted data.

    Next, verify that the transcription provider encrypts the data it stores. You’ll want to ensure that they’re using the latest encryption protocols and regularly updating their system to protect against cyber threats. After all, you wouldn’t want your private conversations to end up in the wrong hands.

    3.    Look for certifications and accreditations.

    Finally, check if the company has any certifications or accreditations that guarantee its security practices. These certifications can demonstrate that they’ve met specific industry standards and are committed to keeping your data safe. By taking these steps, you can find a secure transcript service that you can trust with your sensitive information.

    SpeakWrite's Privacy Policy and Security Measures

    Data security is critical for any business, and SpeakWrite takes it seriously.


    SpeakWrite uses multiple layers of security protocols to authenticate users and grant access to specific resources. Authentication is used to confirm the identity of both clients and typists, ensuring a high level of security throughout the transcription process. Clients are authenticated using their Account Number and PIN, while typists undergo authentication at multiple stages.


    Authorization is another critical aspect of SpeakWrite’s security model. It ensures that clients can access the resources they need upon logging in, while typists are authorized to download job information and upload completed documents.


    Encryption is a fundamental element of SpeakWrite’s security system, creating a secure channel between the user’s web browser and SpeakWrite servers. This means that all file transfers, including audio uploads, client downloads, and the upload/download of customer jobs, are done securely using 2048-bit keys with a 256-bit algorithm.

    Safe Storage

    Every facet of data transfer and storage stays housed right here in the U.S., in state-of-the-art data centers within the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. The Microsoft Azure Government Cloud helps ensure data integrity and allows us to meet CJIS requirements that most departments require.


    Are transcription services Secure?

    The security of transcription can vary, but human transcription tends to be safer than automatic transcription. Therefore, researching a company’s security practices, such as encryption protocols and background checks for typists, is important before choosing a service.

    What is the best transcript delivery service?

    SpeakWrite is a secure and reliable transcription provider trusted by professionals across industries like law enforcement, finance, and business. SpeakWrite has implemented multi-level security standards with authorization, authentication, and encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

    In addition, their typists are US-based, fully vetted, and cleared through rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before acceptance into their transcription network.

    How much does a transcription service cost?

    The cost of transcription services can vary depending on factors such as the audio or video length, the accuracy level required, and the turnaround time. Prices can range from a few cents per minute to several dollars per minute.

    How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

    The time it takes to transcribe 1 hour of audio can vary depending on the complexity of the content and the level of accuracy required. SpeakWrite’s turnaround time is fast, with an average of 3 hours for a 30-minute file. SpeakWrite’s network of typists works around the clock every day of the year, and their capacity can scale instantly to handle any spike in workload.

    By carefully choosing your vendors and partners, you can take proactive measures to protect your company’s confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. For example, with a professional and secure transcription provider like SpeakWrite, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

    Our multi-level security measures, including strict authorization, authentication, and encryption standards, ensure that your data remains confidential and protected at all times.

    Plus, SpeakWrite typists are carefully vetted and undergo rigorous background checks and strict NDA policies before being accepted into our US-based transcription network. As a result, you can trust that your interviews, body-camera videos, and dictated police reports will never be sent offshore.

    With SpeakWrite, you can protect your company’s confidential information and rest assured that your data is safe and secure. Choose SpeakWrite for professional and secure transcription services today and start your free trial.

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