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SpeakWrite’s legal transcription service is packed with features you won’t get with other services or voice recognition

SpeakWrite’s revolutionary and feature-rich legal transcription service delivers documents with unmatched speed. You get unlimited access to expert legal typists 24/7/365. We’ll handle all of your firm’s typing or just the overflow, after-hours or during peak periods – and at a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel.

    DEVELOPED BY SPEAKWRITE EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE SPEAKWRITE PLATFORM – our Free App lets you take advantage of all our platform has to offer. The App is a complete mobile dictation system for iPhones and Android devices. With one simple device for submitting and receiving audio files, you save on the expense and maintenance of dedicated digital recording devices.
    EASY TO USE – you’ll be dictating letters, memos and other matters in minutes. One Tap securely submits your work – from anywhere, 24/7 – to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.
    FULL EDITING CAPABILITIES – The App also lets you manage your completed dictations as well as your jobs-in-progress.
    PATENTED FEATURES – PhotoNotes™ lets you insert an unlimited number of GPS-stamped photos taken real-time, directly into your dictations and into your finished documents. CallCapture™ records your outgoing phone calls using the toll-free CallCapture number. Your Multi-Speaker conversations are transcribed for easy reference.
    FAST, ACCURATE DELIVERY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS – SpeakWrite leads the industry in turnaround time. Our platform is so efficient, your legal transcriptions are delivered to your Inbox in about 3 hours. Multi-Speaker jobs, such as extensive interviews, recorded statements or proceedings, fall outside of the 3 hour turnaround.
    SIMPLE PRICINGLegal Transcriptions: 1.5 CENTS per word. Multi-Speaker: 2 CENTS per word.
    NO IT INVESTMENT – SpeakWrite is an easy-to-use, web-based service – no IT investments in equipment or support is needed to start using us right away. Unlike voice recognition, you won’t need to buy software, audio peripherals (recording devices, microphones or headphones), upgrade memory or pay for installation.
    CUSTOM TEMPLATES – SpeakWrite transcribes your work directly into your firm’s pre-formatted forms or letterheads, or in standard legal formats. We eliminate the need for you or your staff to cut and paste – your work is delivered, ready for filing.
    WORD LISTS – Build and maintain individual or company level Word Lists in your SpeakWrite account. Typists refer to these lists to correctly spell names, key words, phrases or terms of art and so further improve the accuracy of your finished document. With Word Lists and our other standard features, SpeakWrite typists perform at par, or even better than in-house staff.
    ADDRESS LIST – Use an Address Book to house frequently-used contact information. By referencing the Address Book you can expedite the production and delivery of work to repetitive, routine recipients.
    CUSTOM FILE NAMES – Name your files with the naming conventions you use for your client files and matter numbers. Custom Filenames let you quickly identify your transcription jobs and track the cost associated with that file to pass on to your clients.
    MULTI-SPEAKER TRANSCRIPTIONS – Legal proceedings, CallCapture™ recordings, recorded statements, interviews and informal depositions – Multi-Speaker transcriptions are no problem for our experienced legal typists.
    SUPERIOR SECURITY – Speakwrite’s iron-clad approach to data security – Authentication, Authorization and Encryption – along with Password Protection and HIPAA compliance – keeps your data safe.
    TYPIST NETWORK SECURITY – Our network of professional typists are based in the United States – your work is never sent offshore. Typists must undergo background checks, employment screenings and are required to sign Confidentiality agreements prior to joining our network.
    ENCRYPTION – 256-bit SSL encryption is used when sending and receiving any file over the Internet. For additional security, clients can choose to receive their completed work via a Password Protected URL or Web download.
    Read more about SpeakWrite’s Security Standards.
    – A dedicated SpeakWrite Account Manager will be at your side to get you up and running or answer any account questions. Your Account Manager will also help set up any real-time and automated reporting you need from our system.
    TRAINING – Unlike voice recognition, SpeakWrite is very easy to use. Selfstarters can be up and “SpeakWriting” after a few minutes of online video training. We can also train your large team. Your Account Manager will work with you to facilitate any training quickly and create a customized training plan to suit your needs.

    INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP ACCOUNT PAGES – You are always in control.

    • With a SpeakWrite Individual Account Page, manage your completed and in-process jobs, billing and all the features and functionality of your account.
    • In addition to managing work, billing and features, Group Account Pages lets firms create access levels that match the structure of the organization or office(s). Group Account Administrators can restrict access levels or set usage and budget limits, by individual, group or department.

    – Our Customer Support team is here to help you with virtually any question or problem you may have.

      Monday – Friday from 7am-12am CST. Saturday and Sunday from 8am-11pm CST.

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“I have been using SpeakWrite for years. This App has saved me the frustration of keeping up with my digital recorder, which I would inevitably leave in the jacket pocket of the suit I wore the day before (or days before). Having this App available on the same device I carry with me everyday has made my days much easier.”

Wade H., District Attorney

“SpeakWrite has helped us scale our transcription when tight deadlines approach. Knowing that we can use them whenever we need to has saved us a lot of sleepless nights.”

Robert B., Partner