WorkFlow™ Pricing

With our simple, no contract pricing model, and a free 30-day pilot, you’ll experience the value of WorkFlow™ from day one.

Typist Manager/


Administrators can set up rules, move workload around and add resources at any time.


$24 per month

Each typist can receive new jobs, manage their queue and indicate availability.

Digital Dictation User


Submit audio using any SpeakWrite method; including the SpeakWrite Transcription App, from any location.

Manage your in-house dictation workflow with SpeakWrite WorkFlowTM

The Challenge:

Managing work among typist resources who are shared or geographically dispersed is complicated and can involve constant manual monitoring and management. Workloads ebb and flow – with peak times that stretch in-house resources beyond the limit and with slow periods when the cost of underutilized, full-time staff erodes your profitability. “Big Engine” dictation management systems are expensive, hard to use and are no help when additional typist capacity is needed to handle overflow.

The Solution:

Imagine a system that lets you manage firm wide typing resources, assign work to available typists, monitor the status of all work and review the finished documents – all from a single dashboard. A system that lets you increase typing capacity when you need it, is easy to use, and bypasses the costly equipment, software and installation. Introducing SpeakWrite WorkFlow.

Manage your in-house transcription easily and affordably.

WorkFlow is a cloud-based tool that lets you manage each dictation and transcription across multiple offices, maximizing the efficiency of every in-house typist. WorkFlow’s technology platform is incredibly fast and efficient, yet requires no expensive IT investment or support. And when you have peak demand, WorkFlow lets you assign critical overflow to SpeakWrite’s secure network of legal typists, available 24/7/365.

Why use SpeakWrite WorkflowTM

Easy dashboard gives you complete control

The WorkFlow Dashboard is your interface for managing your typist resources, multiple locations, work in process and finished work. Create automated, rules-based management or modify jobs individually. The Dashboard gives you complete oversight and control over your document creation process.

Manage in-house resources. Add capacity with a single click

WorkFlow grows with you. Add to your team without the need for more software, hardware or support. Fully integrated with SpeakWrite’s Transcription Service, it also lets you add capacity when you need it. One click assigns overflow work directly to us for transcription. Our network of US-based legal typists are at your disposal 24/7/365 and can scale instantly to meet any need. Work is delivered in about 3 hours.

Reduce costs. Optimize profitability.

Eliminate the manual management processes at your firm, while optimizing your in-house typist resources. Cloud-based, we are a monthly service with easy billing terms. With WorkFlow, you won’t need expensive equipment, software, installation or IT support.

Easy to use, dedicated support

SpeakWrite WorkFlow supports an array of audio file types and methods for upload. Or Users can take advantage of the free, feature rich SpeakWrite App or our toll-free dictation line. So easy to use, with some short video training, your WorkFlow System will be up and running in no time. Your Dedicated Account Manager will assist and support you every step of the way.


With WorkFlow, you get the same, 3-pronged security protocols that we use – Authentication, Authorization and Encryption. Should you need to send SpeakWrite your overflow work, you can have confidence in our US-based typist network. Our typists must adhere to rigorous standards for security and confidentiality that ensures your data and privacy are protected.