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How Does It Work?

You must have a dedicated Spanish Account, any Spanish files submitted on an English account will be rejected back to the client. If you don’t have a designated Spanish account please contact for assistance or give us a call at (800) 828-3889. If you have questions regarding your account or the Program contact:

Ana Baker
Director of Spanish Translation

Key Information

Turnaround Time 10 days or less (Average for a typical audio is 5 days)
Hours of operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Location of performance United States – no offshore work performed
Resources Human typists – no voice recognition technology used
Capacity Unlimited
Methods of submission 1-800 dictation line from any phone; Smartphone app for iPhone and Android; direct from computer with free SpeakWrite software; digital dictation device; recorded tapes; fax; FTP; mail; email; secure website upload
Methods of Delivery Word processing document via Email, URL (Requires Account Number and Password), FTP, Password Protected ZIP, API and support provided for direct integration options
Security/confidentiality 256 bit SSL encryption, separate data recovery site, redundant servers and multiple other safeguards; criminal background checks and confidentiality agreements for all typists; jobs assigned out of state; HIPAA compliant; CJIS Certified,  Azure Microsoft Government Cloud.
Training and Support Online and onsite training options available at no cost; Help Desk staffed 18 hours per day; dedicated Account Manager for the life of the account
Pricing Priced by the audio minute for Spanish translation. No additional costs for any service included in the scope of services, no hidden fees, no subscriptions, you pay for what we translate

Pricing – Pay As You Go Per Audio Minute

Reduce overtime, and excess hiring and gain back countless hours previously spent typing your audio.




per audio minute



SpeakWrite’s pricing model is simple – There are no upfront costs or minimum usage fees, you simply pay for transcription by the minute.


Speaker Labeling

Despite any oral or written instructions, SpeakWrite will label the main interviewer and main interviewee by name if provided, or by “Speaker 1” and “Speaker 2” if names are not provided. Any additional speakers will be labeled as “Other Speaker”, even if there are several different additional speakers. Below is an example of speaker labels when names are provided, please see the speaker labeling in the template example for when they are not provided.

Verbatim Transcription

All work for SpeakWrite customers will be transcribed as dictated. We will not try to guess or anticipate what a client might have meant. If a client dictates “the grass is blue and the sky is green”, that is what will be transcribed. We transcribe verbatim including verb tense, slang and objects. Please note that stutter words in Spanish can translate into English words. Please see a few examples of verbatim transcription below:

Verbatim Spanish Translation Comments
Ya, So, ¿tú sabes que paso el, la, hace un mes? ¿viernes? Ya, So, do you know the, what happened the, a month ago? Friday? The speaker said "Ya" which is not the same as "Yeah" and does not translate so it is left as "Ya" in the verbatim translation. The Speaker stutters which comes out as "el, la" in the audio. This translates in English to "the".
¿Y cuándo te hablo? ¿Despu, cuando, después que te hablo el señor de dijirte? ¿O cuándo? ¿Sabes qué? Va, vamos pa' mi carro. Ya se m, la luz es, ya se me está acabando. Vamos pa' acá. ¿A qué horas, como a qué horas te hablo? Okay, señor, como te estaba diciendo, ¿te hablo antes o después que te dijo el señor? And when did he call you? Aft, when, after the man called you from telling you? Or when? You know what? Le, let’s go to my car. It already, the light is, I’m running out already. Let’s go over here. At what time, like at what time did he call you? Okay, sir, like I was telling you, did he call you before or after the man told you? The speaker only said half of the word creating a stutter which translated to "Aft" instead of "after". The Speaker uses incorrect verb tense with " después que te dijo " which translates verbatim to "told" instead of "spoke".
El se llama Pitufo. His name is Pitufo. "Pitufo" is a common Spanish nickname that can translate to "Smurf" sometimes in English. However, nicknames are treated as regular names and remain in Spanish when translated.


All jobs will be transcribed onto the SpeakWrite Spanish Template despite any oral or written instructions.

The template for these jobs is set up with three columns.

  • 1. The first contains the speaker label.
  • 2. The second column contains the transcribed Spanish audio.
  • 3. The third column contains the translated audio in English.

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