Next Gen Migration


We are excited to announce the release of our Next Generation SpeakWrite Platform, otherwise known as NextGen!

Our NextGen platform offers an updated functionality, a new look and feel for both our member and team dashboards, and increased security features.

Account Migration Instructions:

For increased security, our NextGen platform requires you to establish an email and password login. When you are ready to migrate your account, just click here and enter your current 10 digit account number and PIN, then click Login.

Go to the ‘Migrate Account’ tab on the left navigation.

If you only have a single email address on your account:

Just confirm the email address (or enter a new one) and choose a password you would like to serve as your NextGen SpeakWrite login. Then just click ‘Migrate’. You can then log in to the NextGen app using the email address and password you just selected.

If you have multiple email addresses on your account:

Select the email address that you would like to serve as the login for this legacy account number, or enter a new email address. The address in the box will be the email address that is used as the login for this account. Any other email address checked will be CC’d on all job submitted/completed emails.

Not ready to migrate yet?

That’s ok! You can still use your old “Legacy” account and PIN to login to submit jobs. However, to be able to access the full functionality of your Member Dashboard (Templates, Wordlist, Billing) you will need to login using your new Migrated email and Password.

Legacy Account

NextGen Account

NextGen FAQs

Your ‘Legacy’ information just refers to you 10 digit account and PIN number used prior to switching your to email and password login. You can still login to your member dashboard using your ‘Legacy’ information, but you will have limited functionality. To access the full suite of features you’re used to in your Member Dashboard, just login using your email and password once you’ve migrated your account.

Don’t worry! All of your job and invoice history and all of your settings will transfer over to your NextGen account. You won’t lose any historical information during this transition. Your jobs are still be held for the regular retention period.

You will still be able to dictate by phone using your old ‘Legacy’ account number and PIN like you always have. If you ever want to change your Legacy information, you can do soin the NextGen Member dashboard.


Once you migrate your account, you will login to your SpeakWrite app using your email and password set up during migration. If you haven’t had time to migrate your account yet, just click “Legacy Login” on the app, and you can login to dictate using your account number and PIN.

No problem! When you migrate your account, just select which email address you want to serve as your SpeakWrite login. If you have other addresses you would like your jobs delivered to, just select them from the job delivery list. If you have one person who logs in to submit work, and another person who receives the work to review or file, we recommend using the person who submits the work as the login. Then, the job received/complete sent to the proper recipient.

We recommend setting the email login as the person dictating. Then, have the jobs submitted/completed sent to additional emails. If the person dictating doesn’t want to receive the completed work, just uncheck their name for the list and their email will only be used to login.

If your office has multiple accounts that all go to one email address (for example, if multiple people dictate work that goes to one person to review), just login to the legacy dashboard using each 10 digit account and PIN.

Set a unique email address login for each account (you cannot have multiple accounts with the same email). We recommend using the email address of the person who’s work it is.

You can then add the addresses that you want the dictation delivered to, and uncheck the box of the person submitting the work if they do not want to receive those emails:

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