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No-nonsense transcription pricing

Simple, no contract transcription pricing. Pay-as-you-go

With SpeakWrite, there are no monthly charges, fixed costs or hidden fees.
Use us just when you need us. You are only charged for work transcribed at a per word rate. There is a 100 word minimum per job.



1.25 cents

per word

Single Speaker Audio



1.5 cents

per word

Single Speaker Audio



2 cents

per word

Audio of 2 or More Speakers

We’re not just a transcription service… we’re SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite is unique. We’ve paired the world’s leading technologies with exceptional, talented people. We transform thoughts into documents in a remarkable way, with unprecedented speed and with features that go well beyond what an “old-school” transcription service can do.

SpeakWrite is an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription machine. Behind the scenes is a system that runs 24/7/365 – managing the flow of work to typists and back to you – in about 3 hours. Patented, industry leading technology at your fingertips and an army of professional typists at your disposal.

The SpeakWrite App – a complete mobile transcription solution

Developed by SpeakWrite exclusively for the SpeakWrite platform.

Record dictations, calls, meetings and interviews of any length. Access your previously recorded audio files, or check the status of completed and jobs-in-progress.

It’s Free – no need to purchase expensive equipment or dictation devices. The App is for iPhone and Android devices.

Turnaround – about 3 hours.

So easy-to-use, you’ll be recording your thoughts and observations, from any location, in minutes. One Tap Uploads send your work to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

SpeakWrite PhotoNotes™

A SpeakWrite patented technology – PhotoNotes lets you take unlimited, GPS-stamped photos on the fly and insert them into your document. Free of charge, photos are included in your final document exactly where you added them.

SpeakWrite CallCapture™

Another SpeakWrite patented feature – CallCapture lets you record outgoing calls for transcription. Conduct an interview or capture a conversation. You receive a Multiple Speaker transcription indicating what each speaker said.

Technology & Features You Need

Unlimited ways to work

We’re flexible – use the SpeakWrite App, call our Toll-Free Dictation Line, upload/email your audio files from your PC or dictation device, even mail us your tapes.

Scalable typist capacity 24/7

SpeakWrite’s network of expert US-based typists are at work around-the-clock. We employ rigorous background checks, training and confidentiality policies.

Unique, patented technologies

SpeakWrite exclusives – Insert an unlimited number of GPS-stamped photos into dictations with PhotoNotes™ and record live, outgoing calls with CallCapture™.

Unmatched speed, simple pricing

The SpeakWrite platform is so efficient, most work is delivered – in about 3 hours, with no outrageous up-charges. Simple pricing and exceptional turnaround – all standard.

SpeakWrite is packed with features you won’t get with other services or voice recognition

With SpeakWrite, you get a revolutionary, feature-rich transcription service that delivers documents with unmatched speed. With unlimited, on-demand access to expert typists, 24/7/365 we can handle all of your dictations, interviews, video transcriptions, meetings, lectures and speeches. And we do it faster and more cost effectively than typing yourself.

    DEVELOPED BY SPEAKWRITE FOR USE WITH THE SPEAKWRITE APP– The free App lets you take advantage of all our platform has to offer. A complete mobile recording system for iPhones and Android devices. The App uses your Smartphone for recording and submitting audio files and photos – you won’t need to spend money on dedicated devices or software.
    EASY TO USE – Anyone can learn to use the App and start ‘SpeakWriting’ in minutes. One Tap securely submits the work – from anywhere, 24/7 – to SpeakWrite for immediate processing.

    FULL EDITING CAPABILITIES – The App also lets you manage your completed recordings and dictations, as well as jobs-in-progress.
    PHOTONOTES™ – lets you insert and unlimited number of GPS-stamped photos, taken real time, directly into recordings. Photos are inserted directly into the finished documents.
    CALLCAPTURE™ – records live outgoing calls. The resulting Multi-Speaker conversations are transcribed for easy reference.
    FAST, SECURE DELIVERY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS – The SpeakWrite platform is so efficient, your work is delivered to your Inbox in about 3 hours – no one is faster. Multi-Speaker jobs, such as extensive interviews, recorded statements or proceedings, fall outside of the 3 hour turnaround.
    SIMPLE PRICING – SpeakWrite is a Pay-as-you-go service. You use us only when you need us, everyday or once a year. General Transcriptions: 1.25 CENTS per word. Legal Transcriptions: 1.5 CENTS per word. Multi-Speaker: 2 CENTS per word. No minimums, upcharges or hidden fees, ever.
    NO IT INVESTMENT NEEDED – SpeakWrite is an easy-to-use, web-based service. You can implement SpeakWrite immediately. Unlike voice recognition, you won’t pay for any hardware, software or installation services.
    CUSTOM TEMPLATES – We can type directly into your pre-formatted forms, reports, letterheads or other templates you use. No cutting and pasting your words into your documents.
    WORD LISTS – Build individual, Group or Company-wide Word Lists. Typists refer to these lists to correctly spell names, key words, phrases or terms – further improving the accuracy of finished documents.
    ADDRESS BOOK – is used to house frequently-used contact information. Referencing the Address Book expedites the production and delivery of work to repetitive, routine recipients.
    CUSTOM FILES NAMES – Use your own file naming standards. We save your files under the names you specify so that transcribed documents are easily identified and saved without renaming.
    MULTI-SPEAKER TRANSCRIPTION– If the accurate documentation of events involving multiple people is a big part of your work, SpeakWrite can help. Multi-Speaker transcriptions are no problem for our experienced typists.
    SUPERIOR SECURITY – Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption protocols – along with Password Protection and HIPAA compliance – your data is kept safe.
    TYPIST NETWORK SECURITY -Our network of professional typists are based in the United States – your work is never sent offshore. Typists must adhere to rigorous standards for security (federal, state and local background checks, employment screening, and confidentiality policies) to ensure that the security of your information, and privacy is protected.
    ENCRYPTION – 256-bit SSL encryption is used when sending and receiving any file over the Internet. For additional security, you can receive completed work via a Password Protected URL or Web download.
    Read more about SpeakWrite’s Security Standards.
    – As a SpeakWrite customer, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager at your side to get you up and running quickly and to answer any questions or issues you may have. Your Account Manager can also set up any real-time and automated reporting you need from our system.


    • Group Account Pages – large organizations can structure the management of their SpeakWrite account by group, location or other levels that reflect their organizational structure.
      You’ll be able to manage all aspects of the account – oversee all work, manage billing, set budget or usage caps and allow or restrict User access.
    • Individual Account Pages – gives each individual User the ability to manage their completed and in-process jobs, current usage, and all the features and functionality of their account.
    TRAINING -SpeakWrite is easy to implement and use. Easy online video training can get any new Users on-board immediately. For large groups, we work with you or your Training Unit to facilitate training quickly and can create a customized training plan to suit your needs. Easy online video training can get any new users on-board immediately.
    CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Our Customer Support team is here to help you with virtually any question or problem you may have.

      Available toll-free at (800) 828-3889 or via Email support@speakwrite.com.
      Monday – Friday from 7am-12am CST. Saturday and Sunday from 8am-11pm CST

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