Improvements Coming To SpeakWrite In 2021

The work you do is important. Your time is precious and we want to help you use it more efficiently. For the past year, our talented team has been working tirelessly (some days in their PJs) to make the SpeakWrite platform even more robust and easy to use than before. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the improvements we’ll release in Q1 2021 to help you handle more documentation and save more time.

Better Web Experience

Better Web Experience - SpeakWrite

– You will enjoy a faster, seamless, mobile-friendly experience on your internet browser.

– Faster file uploads, so your coffee doesn’t get cold.

– Select your Templates when submitting files for transcription.

– Ability to upload multiple files at the same time.

– Say “adios” to file size limitations: upload video or audio files larger than 2 GB. No FTP needed.

Robust (yet easy) Team Management

Team Management - SpeakWrite

– Group Accounts will be known as Teams.

– You can have as many Teams, Sub-Teams, and Team Members as needed.

– Intuitive dashboard to add, edit, and remove active users. View and edit their Jobs, Templates, Contacts, Permissions, and more.

– Easily manage payment options for Sub-Teams to split the bill for your billing department.

– Need more people in the loop? Easily add additional email addresses to receive job completed notifications.

Several Enhancements Under the Hood

We are making major technical improvements to SpeakWrite’s software architecture to take advantage of new security features and faster technologies. This will also help future initiatives, like seamless connectivity to other software you already use on a daily basis.

Our mobile app is scheduled to receive an update later in the year.

We will provide more details when we get closer to the release date. Needless to say, we are beyond excited to bring about these major improvements that will positively change the way you use SpeakWrite today!

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