8 Top-Rated Court Transcription Services

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    8 Top-Rated Court Transcription Services

    Learn how to choose the best court transcription service with fast turnaround times, high accuracy, and competitive pricing with our court transcription.

    Do you have an upcoming court hearing? Maybe you need a transcription of a crucial deposition? No need to set aside hours of billable hours to create the documents you need yourself.

    Court transcriptions are time-consuming, tedious, and require a level of accuracy and detail-oriented work that not many people possess. So what’s the solution to obtaining accurate and detailed court transcriptions? Court transcription services!

     You can take back time and regain employee satisfaction by hiring a reliable court transcription service. This round-up of the best court transcription services will help you make an informed decision on the best service provider for your team.

    Ready to get started with court transcription services?

    What Is A Court Transcription?

    In a courtroom, every word spoken can influence the outcome of a case. That’s why having an accurate and detailed record of what happens during a hearing is crucial. This is where court transcription comes in.

    Court transcription is an official written record of every spoken word in a courtroom. It also captures important details like hand motions and room sounds, such as laughter or scoffing. These elements are meticulously documented in a transcript that can be referenced later.

    Lawyers then use court transcripts to review and analyze testimonies and evidence presented during the trial. They comb through the transcripts to identify key statements, cross-reference facts, and prepare for appeals or future legal strategies.

    Why Is Court Transcription Important?

    Court transcriptions are immensely important as they are the most accurate and reliable documentation of a court proceeding. These transcriptions become the official record of the court proceedings and provide evidence that lawyers use to prepare their cases.

    Transcripts allow attorneys to analyze testimonies, cross-reference facts, and develop legal strategies. This detailed review helps them build strong arguments, identify inconsistencies, and prepare their appeals.

    Court transcripts also uphold the legal accountability of all parties. Court cases can span over weeks, months, or even years. Having an official written record helps in verifying facts and maintaining continuity in long or complex cases.

    How To Choose A Court Transcription Service

    There are a lot of different options when it comes to court transcription services. From fully AI to fully human, knowing what to look for is important. An excellent court transcription service will provide:

    Choose a service that prides itself on accuracy.

    A reliable court transcription service ensures that every word spoken during court proceedings is accurately captured. Transcriptionists don’t just jot down testimonies and motions, but also capture those little non-verbal moments like laughter or a scoff.

    See if the service offers multi-language copies.

    Translating a court transcription can cost hundreds of dollars and sometimes take weeks to receive back. This poses a problem for timely and effective case prep when a translated copy is needed.

    An excellent transcription service will offer translation as part of their package with a quick turnaround time to keep the legal prep on track. This kind of flexibility means court transcription services can support the diverse needs of the legal community, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they need—right on time.

    Verify that the service provides professional formatting.

    The transcription service should also be able to format the transcript with fidelity based on the template or instructions provided. When you’re paying for a transcription service, you shouldn’t have to worry about editing things on the back end.

    Check turnaround times.

    Court transcripts are a game-changer for speeding up case prep and review, and quick turnaround times for court transcription can literally make or break a case.

    Don’t just take our word for it, hear from attorney, Hugh C Wood, about his need for a quick turnaround and how it saved both the client and the firm from losing a case.

    Ready to get started with court transcription services?

    8 Incredible Court Transcription Services

    So, what are the best court transcription services? Here are some of the top-ranking picks according to thousands of online reviews.

    1. SpeakWrite

    • What Sets Them Apart: SpeakWrite stands out for its rapid 3-hour turnaround time. They are a human-powered transcription service that promises 99-100% accuracy. SpeakWrite also guarantees strict security through multi-level encryption and stringent background checks on all of their typists.
    • Pricing Model: SpeakWrite operates on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts, fixed costs, or hidden fees. Users are only charged for completed work at a per-word rate starting at $1.50, with a minimum of 100 words per job​.
    • When to Use: Choose SpeakWrite when you need fast, highly accurate transcriptions with stringent confidentiality standards for your legal proceedings.

    2. REV

    • What Sets Them Apart: Rev offers both human and AI transcription services, which allows for flexibility in pricing depending on the needs of a project. Their human transcription service provides 99% accuracy, while their AI service is a cost-effective option for less niche projects.
    • Pricing Model: Rev charges $1.50 per minute for human transcription services and $0.25 per minute for automated transcription services. There are no minimum fees or subscription requirements.
    • When to Use: Opt for Rev when you need a versatile transcription solution with the option to choose between human and AI services based on your specific requirements.

    3. TranscribeMe

    • What Sets Them Apart: TranscribeMe emphasizes accuracy and security by offering human transcriptionists only. They specialize in verbatim transcripts with multiple speakers.
    • Pricing Model: TranscribeMe charges $2.00 per audio minute for their standard service, with additional costs for specialized services like verbatim and time-stamped transcriptions. They do offer volume discounts for large projects.
    • When to Use: TranscribeMe is an ideal option when you need verbatim transcripts with multiple speakers.

    4. MOS Transcription

    • What Sets Them Apart: MOS specializes exclusively in legal transcriptions, providing expertise in court hearings, depositions, and legal interviews.
    • Pricing Model: MOS Transcription offers customized pricing based on the specific needs of each client, typically starting at $2.50 per audio minute.
    • When to Use: Mos is a good choice for specialized legal transcription needs that require industry-specific knowledge and accuracy.

    5. Verbit

    • What Sets Them Apart: Verbit combines AI with human oversight to deliver fast and accurate legal transcriptions. Their platform supports real-time transcription and captioning, making it ideal for live legal events.
    • Pricing Model: Verbit offers custom pricing based on the volume and type of service required. Typically, rates start around $0.25 per minute for automated transcription, with additional costs for human review and other services.
    • When to Use: Use Verbit when you need real-time transcription or captioning for live legal events.

    6. eScribers

    • What Sets Them Apart: eScribers specializes in legal transcription services for courts, government agencies, and law firms. They created a team of professionals who are dedicated to the legal transcription industry and are trained in specific industry terminology and formatting.
    • Pricing Model: eScribers offers pricing based on a per-page or per-audio-minute rate, approximately $1.75 per audio minute, with rates varying based on the complexity and turnaround time required.
    • When to Use: Use eScribers when you need a dedicated legal transcription service with experience in handling government and court-related documents.

    7. GoTranscript

    • What Sets Them Apart: GoTranscript offers reliable and affordable court transcription services by leveraging a global team of professional transcriptionists. They handle a wide range of legal documents, including depositions, hearings, and trials.
    • Pricing Model: GoTranscript charges $0.90 per audio minute for standard delivery, with additional costs for expedited services and specialized requirements.
    • When to Use: Choose GoTranscript for reliable and affordable transcription services when managing a large caseload.

    8. Epiq

    • What Sets Them Apart: Epiq specializes in court transcriptions for the smallest proceedings to high-volume cases. They use both human and AI technology to deliver their transcripts quickly and with high accuracy.
    • Pricing Model: Epiq offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and volume of each project. Generally, rates start around $3.00 per audio minute though quotes are available for more detailed projects.
    • When to Use: Choose Epiq for large court proceedings where a quick turnaround time is imperative.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Court Transcription Services

    Cost Efficiency

    Official court transcripts are typically created by a stenographer or court reporter. These professionals can charge surprisingly large fees—up to $7 per page as well as additional fees for turnaround time, editing, and whether or not you’re the first to order a copy— for their services.

    This makes a legal transcription service attractive to law firms, as they typically charge better rates and have a faster turnaround time.

    Quick Turnaround

    We’ve already discussed how vital a timely court transcript is in the preparation and maintenance of a case. Transcription companies often provide faster delivery times—even within 3 hours– than stenographers.

    Thanks to the systems and productivity of expert transcriptionists, you can easily meet tight deadlines while guaranteeing a higher level of accuracy and security.

    Time Savings

    Court transcription services buy you back more time in two ways. The first is the fact that you are not dedicating a member of your team to the process of court transcription. This allows you to utilize your full team for other important case preparation tasks.

    The second is that you have now gained a document that is highly organized and keyword searchable, which will decrease the amount of time spent researching and searching for specific items within the court transcript.

    Check out SpeakWrite’s Time and Cost Calculator to see for yourself how much you could be saving through the use of a transcription service.

    Quality Assurance

    Many services include a multi-tiered review process to ensure high-quality, accurate transcripts. You don’t have to worry about how it gets done, but you can still enjoy a quality finished product.

    Access to Advanced Technology

    Rather than investing in a full company technology overhaul, hiring a transcription service gives you access to the latest tech in the transcription field. Maintaining that technology is their job, so you don’t have to take on the burden of figuring out how to do it yourself.

    Court Transcription Services: Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does court transcription cost?

    Court reporters usually charge per page, whereas services like SpeakWrite offer transcription at a rate starting at 1.5 cents per word, without requiring contracts or minimum commitments.

    How much do you pay someone to transcribe?

    The cost to hire a transcriber can vary widely. Some charge by the minute of audio, others by the page.

    What does a court transcriptionist do?

    A court transcriptionist writes an accurate written record of everything that was said and done during a court proceeding.

    How do I become a legal transcriptionist?

    To become a legal transcriptionist, you typically need training in legal terminology and transcription skills.

    How to get audio transcribed for court?

    Submit the audio file of the court proceeding to a transcription service like SpeakWrite. Receive your transcript in as little as 3 hours. Make any edits or adjustments as needed.

    What is a court transcriptionist?

    A court transcriptionist is a professional who creates an accurate written record of court proceedings.

    Get Started with SpeakWrite for Your Court Transcription

    SpeakWrite’s legal transcription services provide a reliable and economical way to get court transcripts. You can expect high-quality transcripts in just 3 hours.

    The best part? Speakwrite’s skilled court transcribers achieve an accuracy rate of 99% or higher. Plus, you can get competitive rates starting from 1.5 cents per word for single-speaker recordings.

    Book your free court transcription trial today!

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