SpeakEasy Dictation Software

SpeakEasy free software lets you dictate directly into your computer, then upload your work to SpeakWrite for transcription. SpeakEasy is not voice recognition software, but rather it is another way to transfer your spoken audio notes to our typists for transcription.

Download SpeakEasy to your desktop or laptop.

Use SpeakEasy to record your voice using any standard microphone. Pause, rewind, playback and fast forward within your audio, save a copy of the audio to your computer, and submit the dictation for typing when ready.

Dictate directly into SpeakEasy by clicking the ‘New Audio’ button to begin a new job. Dictate as you normally would and save when you are done. After dictating, you can submit the job for transcription, or just save your audio to your computer for completion later. Use the navigation buttons to pause, rewind, and listen to your recorded work before submitting.

You can also use SpeakEasy to upload digital audio files not created using SpeakEasy. Save any audio file to your computer and use SpeakEasy to browse, locate the file, and upload to our system for typing by clicking the ‘submit other’ button. It’s as easy as sending an email attachment.

Click here to view the SpeakEasy Quick Reference Guide.

SpeakEasy is only available on PC’s and is not currently supported on MAC.

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