A Day In The Life of a
SpeakWrite Transcriptionist

See what it's like to work for SpeakWrite.

1. Choose Your Schedule

Each week you will be given access to a schedule, 3 weeks in advance, to choose the hours you want to work.

To schedule a more current shift, log in to your account, and select any available hours.

2. Work Your Shift

When it's time for your designated shift, just log in to your account. The system will immediately start assigning you work.

Need help during your shift? Our team is here to support you!

3. Get Paid

Every 2 weeks payment is issused by check or direct deposit.

You always have access to view a detailed breakdown of your work.

4. Celebrate!

Reward yourself for a job well done.

You deserve it!

Interview With A SpeakWrite Transcriptionist!

Jen Reid interviews Debbie from Albuquerque, New Mexico about what it’s like to work at SpeakWrite. Debbie describes a day in the life of a SpeakWrite Transcriptionist.

Jen: What do you like most about being a SpeakWrite typist?”

Debbie: I love the flexibility. Being able to work at home, choose my own hours, my own schedule. […] It’s so nice to have a flexible schedule. […] The jobs that I do are interesting, a lot of them. And I love typing!”

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