Transcriptionist Job Application Process

Check out our streamlined evaluation process and the steps you must follow to apply for a transcription job opening at SpeakWrite.

Step 1

Start Your Application

After you have read the job requirements and are ready to start, click the orange button below and enter your contact information.

Step 2

Passing the Typing Speed and Accuracy Test

Log in using the username and password you established in step 1. There you will find
a short exercise to validate your typing speed and accuracy. Your typing speed must be equal to, or above 60 WPM and you must achieve 90% accuracy to advance past this point.

Step 3

Confidentiality Agreement, Work History and Availability
You will be asked to review and sign a Confidentiality Agreement. You will then be asked to provide more detailed information about your work history and availability. You must meet our work experience requirements to advance past this step. 

Step 4

SpeakWrite Policies and Formatting Training 
Once your work history has been approved, you will be given access to training videos and quizzes. Just complete a few exercises to get you up to speed on how our system works and our formatting policies.

Step 5

Training Jobs
The final step is to download our software and complete a few training jobs. This lets you practice in the software before accepting live jobs, and helps to verify that you comprehend all document policies. Your completed transcription jobs will then be evaluated for adherence to our policies and procedures.

Ready to be part of our team?

If so, we would love for you to fill out the application form to become a SpeakWrite transcriptionist!

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