What Can You Transcribe with SpeakWrite?

Have you ever thought of writing a book? You may have some ideas on a great story or a vast collection of memoirs, but the prospect of sitting down on a computer to type thousands of words seems daunting. Who would have known that you can use SpeakWrite to accomplish such a great feat as writing a complete book!

“Never could have written my book without SpeakWrite!” – revealed one of our customers when providing feedback on our service. She is one of the various authors that have used our app and service to achieve their goals of writing a book in less time than what they imagined.

We have compiled a list of 5 little-known things that you may not have thought could be turned into a document by only recording or uploading the audio and submitting it to us for transcription.

5 Little-Known Things That Can Be Transcribed Using SpeakWrite

1. Long lists

Some customers report that dictating their to-do items using our app helps them get a clean, formatted list of things to do. If you have to perform building or manufacturing inspections, for example, you can benefit from our PhotoNotes feature to insert photos at the exact time you are describing them. Or maybe your company holds important brainstorming sessions and you don’t want to stop the momentum to type down all the ideas as they arise. Using our app, you can record the entire audio, submit it to SpeakWrite and receive a workable, structured list in less than 3 hours!

2. Lectures, Classroom Events, Keynotes and Sermons

Conferences, keynotes and other lengthy presentations offer tremendous value, but taking notes can be a challenge. On the other hand, if you can record the speaker or have access to the audio file, we can transcribe it for you, enabling you to search the finished document for keywords or topics, without having to go back and forth on your notes or video.

3. In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Meetings are a crucial component of every business. However, key details can be missed or misinterpreted by the person taking notes. By recording the meeting or using the audio generated from video-conference platforms like Zoom, you can leverage the power of having a full transcript of what was discussed and decided. Also, you can have everyone’s full attention focused on the content of the meeting.

4. Podcast and Narration Transcript

Transcribing a lengthy podcast is no easy task, especially if there is more than one participant. How valuable it is, though, to have a full, word by word transcript of your podcast episodes so you can use them as the basis for blog posts, videos or to maximize your SEO efforts by including the transcript as show notes. Using our service, you’ll get a human-powered transcription of your episodes while you invest your time in other high-impact activities. It’s important to note that while other services do offer automated transcripts, these are prone to errors because of automation limitations in understanding speech and other factors.

5. Family Histories

Few things can stir up our emotions more than listening to stories of our parents and grandparents. Preserving family histories by converting them on a digital document that can be later printed as a book of memoirs is one of the most unique gifts possible. Using our app you can record those stories and transform them to a typed document that you can save forever and pass on to future generations.

While this list highlights little-known use cases for our app, we do transcribe a plethora of other documents. Check the list below to see more details:

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How to Mail Your Recorded Tapes

Many clients have recorded mini or standard cassette tapes to submit to us for transcription, but would rather not use their staff and resources to input these tapes into our system. In these instances, you can have these recorded cassettes delivered to us, and we will upload them into our system for transcription for you. To use this method of submission, you must have an existing SpeakWrite account. Send recorded tapes via overnight courier or USPS to the following address:

SpeakWrite Tape Processing Center
6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy
Building 1, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78730

(800) 828-3889
Attn: Production Manager

With each delivery, you must print out a Recorded Tape Transmittal Sheet and enclose it with the tapes to be transcribed. Your package must include properly addressed and pre-paid packaging and label for the return of your tapes, using a service that provides for delivery tracking. If this is not included, we will return your tapes to you and charge your account a $10.00 delivery fee. Immediately upon our receipt of your tapes, we will input them into the SpeakWrite system for transcription. You will receive the transcription of the taped material via the email address on your account, just as any other SpeakWrite job. Your tapes will be returned to you via the delivery method you designate 48 hours after the completion of your transcript. All work transcribed will be charged at the standard, per word rate. There is no additional charge for handling or inputting the tapes. Be sure to erase all previously recorded tapes completely before recording any new dictation in order to avoid having old work transcribed by mistake or jeopardizing the quality of the newly recorded material.


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