Typist Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal

Once you have completed the evaluation process, please make sure you have purchased, installed and tested your USB foot pedal. The USB foot pedal is mandatory for all Independent Contractor SpeakWrite Typists.

There are many USB foot pedals available online, please visit ECS to evaluate the product best for you. SpeakWrite recommends the Infinity USB-1 Foot Pedal for the best performance & value.


Other sites that carry the foot pedal are (prices vary by site):

Transcription Gear

Martel Electronics


As an incentive for new Independent Contractors (IC) to become productive typists, SpeakWrite will reimburse you for the base purchase price of your foot pedal once you have exceeded our minimum performance standards based on criteria established by SW management:

The pedal must have been purchased new.
The IC must request the reimbursement through the SW ticketing system.
The IC must furnish SW with proof of purchase.
Taxes, shipping, or other incidental costs will not be reimbursed.
SpeakWrite will only reimburse up to $49.95 USD

Compatible Foot Pedals:

  • Philips LFH2330
  • Infinity USB-1
  • Philips ACC2320
  • Philips ACC2330

Incompatible Foot Pedals:

  • Infinity USB 2
  • Infinity USB 3
  • Olympus

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